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18 NATO ships in the Mediterranean – The Russian Fleet sailed under the sounds of war raids (video)

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The Russian Fleet is in a state of war – Coverage for a Ukrainian attack on Donbas?

The Russian Ministry of Defense recently confirmed that “all the submarines of the Black Sea Fleet have sailed and are in a state of war” by releasing a video with the crew of a Russian submarine singing a military invasion!

According to a Russian military source, the reason for the immediate mobilization of the war is the gathering of 18 NATO warships in the Black Sea for a 10-day exercise.

The Russians fear that this military mobilization could be used as a pretext for a Ukrainian attack on Donbas.

See here the crew of the submarine “Kolpino” singing a military invasion while in a state of war alarm. 

The sudden Russian military mobilization

The thriller that started in the morning is culminating as today the whole Fleet was scheduled to be at the Naval Station due to the celebration of “Submarine Day”. They are celebrating 115 years since the formation of the force.

However, all the submarines of the Fleet, six in number, are on different missions, which is extremely rare, both for the Russian Navy and for all the navies in the world.

The revelation was made by the Commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Rear Admiral Igor Osipov from the Sevastopol Naval Base.

The Rear Admiral revealed that although the day is festive, none of the six submarines of the Black Sea Fleet are at the port.

The Russian submarines that have sailed all belong to the Improved Kilo class (Project 636.3) with the nickname “Black Hole” and carry Kalibr cruise missiles. These are:

– B-237 “Rostov-on-Don”
– B-261 “Novorossiysk”
– B-262 “Stary Oskol”
– B-265 “Krasnodar”
– B-268 “Veliky Novgorod”
– B-271 “Kolpino”

NATO Fleet gathers in the Black Sea

US sources recently confirmed that NATO ships are being assembled in the Black Sea. The USS Monterey Ticonderoga class that was in the battle group of the American aircraft carrier “Eisenhower” CVN-69 crossed the Straits and headed to the Black Sea.

Russian media reported that the reason for the sudden military mobilization was the concentration of NATO ships in the Black Sea.

These are 2,400 men from 8 countries, 18 warships and 10 aircraft for the exercise “Sea Shield 21” which will be held March 19-29.

Russian sources note that this is the largest and most complex NATO exercise for 2021 organized by Romania in the Black Sea.

Forces from Bulgaria, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, the United States and Turkey will participate.

The NATO SNMG-2 force (Standing NATO Maritime Group), with the frigate “Queen Mary” will also participate.

What about the Russian submarine “Rostov”

Following an Israeli media report on the disappearance of the Russian submarine, a source in the Russian Ministry of Defense told the Novosti news agency that the Russian submarine was in contact and was sending information normally.

In fact, according to the source, the submarine has exceeded all expectations, as for a week now NATO forces have been trying to locate it, but it is still invisibly carrying out its mission normally.

Since March 6, NATO and Israeli aircraft have been searching for a Russian Kilo-class submarine in the Mediterranean.

The movements of the Russian submarine are closely monitored by several Boeing P-8A of the US Navy as well as Israeli aircraft along with Italian and British.

We did not lose contact with the Russian submarine of the Black Sea Fleet “Rostov-on-Don”.

NATO anti-submarine forces have been trying unsuccessfully for a week. 

The NATO members have gathered a large group and are looking for the submarine together with Israel in the Eastern Mediterranean.

They have not been able to locate it. This is the submarine “Rostov-on-Don”.

The issue was raised by the Israeli media and this is important…

Source: warnews247.gr

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