• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

4 Minute Video of Actual TRENCH FIGHT Between Russian and Ukraine Soldiers – Brutal Bravery

The ongoing Special Military Operation by Russia into Ukraine, is accurately described as “war.”  We’ve all seen the images and the videos, but few have ever caught the actual moments of bravery by BOTH sides.  The 4m20s video below shows it for all to see.  Russian soldiers entering a Ukrainian army TRENCH.  The bravery by both sides is stunning.  The killing is up-close and real.  This is the reality of actual war.

The video begins with an aerial drone view of a trench, which – for the purposes of this description – I will refer to as a north-south trench line.  Russian soldiers enter from the south.  Ukrainians are along the way toward the north.

As the Russian move slowly northward, Ukrainians begin to move southward.  Think about the actual bravery it takes for men on BOTH sides to do what you will see being done.  The bravery of knowing there are armed men facing you in that very trench, and either you kill them, or they will kill you . . . . and yet soldiers from BOTH sides proceed along anyway.  THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is effin bravery.

As the Russians move northward and the Ukrainians move southward, they cannot see each other for a bit.  Once they get within eye sight, oh dear God how brutal it gets.

The first two soldiers catch a glimpse of each other and shots get fired.  The Ukrainian retreats northward, to no avail.  Fractions of a second later, he goes down.  Shot.  Dead.

Other Ukrainians, in side trenches off the main trench, then one-by-one, engage the advancing Russians.  Machine gun fire hits the sides of the trench.  Grenades get hurled, but most miss.

The battle goes on.  

At one point, a grenade lands within arms reach of a Ukrainian; he grabs it and throw it OUT of the trench just in time to save his own life.  Then another.  

Then . . .  the grenades hit their mark.  The Ukrainians are killed.

It only last four minutes and twenty seconds.  But the sheer bravery of men on BOTH sides is amazing. While I support RUSSIA, I have an amazing respect for men on BOTH sides.  True bravery exists on BOTH sides. They know death is coming for them, yet they proceed nonetheless.  And some of them die nonetheless.

This is actual war.  Horrifying in its violence, while showing the bravery that mere mortal men, actually have inside.


Source: halturnerradioshow.com

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One thought on “4 Minute Video of Actual TRENCH FIGHT Between Russian and Ukraine Soldiers – Brutal Bravery”
  1. Yes, let us applaud the bravery of the men on both sides. I forced myself to watch that as I support the Russians in what I consider to be a just cause. If I supported the Ukrainian I would also force myself to watch. If I were neutral I wouldn’t have to watch it at all. When the Ukrainian fell at the first encounter my heart went out to him, it could’ve been me if I had been born elsewhere at another time.
    God Bless Us All

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