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‘A New World Order Is Coming’ – Putin Blasts “Globalist” Ideology As “Totalitarian”

Russian President Vladimir Putin asserted earlier today that the “globalist” world order is “totalitarian” and is “holding back creative pursuit.”

Putin made the comments during a forum in Moscow.

The notorious leader claimed that the west had only achieved its global preeminence due to the historic plunder of other nations and had no moral right to enforce a unipolar model on the planet.

“The model of the total dominance of the so-called ‘golden billion’ is unjust. Why should this ‘golden billion’ among the planet’s population dominate others, impose its own rules of conduct?” Putin asked.

“Based on the illusion of ‘exclusivity,’ this model divides people into first and second class status, and is therefore racist and neo-colonial in its essence,” he added.

“And the globalist, supposedly liberal ideology which underlies it is increasingly acquiring the features of totalitarianism, holding back creative pursuit, free historical creation,” Putin claimed.

The Russian President went on to stress his view that the globalist world order was built off the exploitation of other countries.

“Of course, this ‘golden billion’ did not become ‘golden’ by accident. It has achieved a lot. But it did not only take up its positions thanks to the realization of some ideas, but to a large extent due to the robbery of other peoples – both in Asia and Africa. That’s what happened.”

He then proclaimed that western elites are terrified that their global order is being dismantled.

No matter how much Western and so-called supranational elites strive to preserve the existing order of things, a new era is coming, a new stage in world history. And only truly sovereign states can ensure high dynamics for growth and become an example for others,” said Putin.

As we have previously highlighted, Putin has consistently blamed the west for its own downfall.

Back in March, he gave a speech in which he blamed the ‘western ruling elite’ for creating the economic hardships impacting people in Europe and the United States.

Last year, the controversial strongman blasted the west as “completely insane” for allowing children to be taught there is no biological sex, saying the woke crusade against traditional gender roles was “subverting human nature.”

Source: Zero Hedge

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One thought on “‘A New World Order Is Coming’ – Putin Blasts “Globalist” Ideology As “Totalitarian””
  1. Putin is absolutely correct. All our troubles are brought on us by our government of elites. The totalitarian nature of which was evident to me over forty years ago when I realized I was buried in a mammoth paper pyramid of laws. An elitist’s worth is measured by how many new laws he or she writes. Each one is a whip in the hand of a straw-boss whip-cracker to be used on the backs of the helpless ‘law-abiding’ people of this unfortunate nation. What happened to the judgement of judges and the trial before a jury of peers as the absolute authority? Instead there are nameless bureaucrats and other functionaries deciding our future in highest detail in an omnipresent web of laws and decrees and orders binding the actions and decisions of judges to the point where all they are is machines following orders. Just like the SS in the death camps, “I was just following orders.”
    I support the real Republican party and their current leader Don Trump to the maximum. Would it surprise you to learn that I consider the Republicans almost as much to blame for the destruction of our representative republic as the Democrats? The Confederacy returned from their military defeat in the First Civil War to win a stunning political turn-around by making alliance with the most corrupt Republican administration in history, The Johnson administration. Rife with embezzlers, carpet-baggers and murderers the Johnson administration made common-cause with the Confederacy of Democrats to freeze out the real Republicans and the Coalition has ruled the former republic as a totalitarian Empire of Evil, ever since. Looting the public treasury at will, sending our young men off to fight wars at their whim or to obtain some profit or other or just because they were bored. The righteous wars are few and far between that the former USA has fought since the mid nineteenth century while the episodes of bullying and looting smaller opponents are too numerous to count or even remember in truth. Indian wars, Spanish American War, the first WW, Korea, Vietnam, on and on and on. The small strikes against lesser and helpless opponents such as Serbia by Clinton, the Afghani, etc. etc. etc. into ad nauseum. Argue with the list if you wish, talk to hand if you think I’m changing my conclusion about the Shadow Empire.
    The Trump administration is the only breath of free air I’ve inhaled since I was born. All the rest of time I either knew I was a slave or was fooled into believing I might not be. Vote Republican. It’s probably futile but that’s why the attack against a heavily defended breach in a fortified city is called the ‘forlorn hope’. In this case we are attacking the city of Dis-United States of America. The capitol city of hell on earth, Washington, D.C.. Truly named Dis by Dante in his “Divine Comedy”.

    God Bless Us All

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