New world order plans for destruction and takeover!

In case you missed this pertinent news in mid-May, a retired aerospace worker came up and admitted that chemtrail devices are installed on airplanes (since he was one of the installers) and shares details of their installation .

We must be very concerned about this as it affects the health of our loved ones, our children, ourselves and society at large! It also has deleterious catastrophic effects on the environment, our food supplies, and more.

In his words from the video material below:

“We gutted the plane and installed the tanks. Installed the cables and pipes and sprayers. I was a civil servant supervised by the military. When we finished, we were told that this was a test carried out by the German aerospace authority. This means that the level with the spray devices advances while a second level with measuring devices flies behind and takes measurements. For example: “We just want to find out how the particles behave and spread.

“When we were finished with the installation, people from the military came by and told us to wear full body protective clothing and breathing masks because they would now fill the tanks. And that substances such as aluminum sulfides or barium oxides would contain highly toxic polymers with the size of nanoparticles. “

Then he adds: “We are approaching an ecological catastrophe! And those who don’t believe me, please come here and I’ll show you the proof! “


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By Morgan

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