The Demonrats can talk about “democracy,” “bringing people together,” and “openness” all they want, but what we witnessed on the livestream of the U.S. Capitol overnight PUTS THE LIE TO EVERYTHING.

Not so much the events themselves, but the fact we are not deemed worthy to KNOW WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED!…(even though we pay for it all.)

We all know this IS NOT A DEMOCRACY!!!…but they can’t even put on a decent charade!

Here is another post from forums:

Something happened at the WH last night, too.

It appears to be a shooting and then there’s tons of LEO’s and an ambulance leaving it. Near the beginning there’s people, possibly children? being led out single file.

Then the WH goes totally dark, again, which is not in this footage, but it was all over twit.

So much strange and creepy goings on there with ZERO reports and explanations is just fucking wrong.

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By Morgan

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