America’s Twilight Zone is not something any of us really thought we would experience, and yet all of us are living it right now. People around the country are using words like, “surreal,” “off the charts,” “unbelievable,” “bizarre,” “evil,” and some are using the word “demonic” to describe behavior that has no connection whatsoever to reality or rational thinking and which is vicious beyond the imagination of the sane. For those of us who are old enough, we remember Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone TV series, aptly named because the storylines were as “bizarre” or “off the charts” as what we are experiencing today in America.

When I was a boy growing up in the ’60s, I would enjoy watching Daniel Boone on TV or Old Yeller or silly comedies like The Three Stooges or later Lucille Ball’s TV show. We had no Internet, no computer or video games, so as a family we would play card games, Scrabble, Chess, or even a funny game called “Hands Down.” We worked hard during the day, and we talked and laughed together in the evenings in that little 900 square foot cabin in remote Alaska.

My dad and I cut wood together, fished and hunted together so we would have enough food to get through the long winter, and I learned basic living and survival skills as a normal part of growing up. School was about reading, writing, and arithmetic, with some history and science in there, along with our indoor sports, like basketball, wrestling, soccer, and tennis. Life was hard, because we were self-sufficient, and there were no handouts from anyone. The nearest hospital was several hours drive, and when we were hunting far from civilization, we had no cell phones, so we had to take care of ourselves. If we didn’t we could die. It was simple, and it was harsh, but it was a life rich in lessons and rich in family relationships, values, and character development.

Now jump with me to the life I would be living today as a boy in America.

One or both parents must work to make ends meet, so I would be on my with zero “mentoring” from my father or mother. My education and training for life would come largely from the public school I attend. Today our public school system would teach me how wonderful the homosexual and transgender lifestyle is, that sexual freedom is okay, that masturbating with other young boys or girls is a healthy expression of self, that I can be a boy or girl and even get an operation to facilitate my “true” identity, that there is no God but only man’s evolutionary search for answers and paradise, and that my parents do not have authority over me and that I have legal rights to sue my parents or even divorce them. I might even be subjected to going into a bathroom used by both boys and girls by order of the school.

When I got home, I would be alone since my parents would still be working, so I would continue to use my cell phone to chat with strangers I would never meet who are telling me all about the perfect life I could have and how I should look via their own photoshopped images. I would probably be looking at my own posts to see how many have given me a thumbs up and positive comments, but would also be devastated if those numbers are low and especially if there are vicious attacks that rip me apart. My self-esteem would be subject to my peers’ approval, but that could go up and down any day, and since the teenage suicide rate is at record highs today, I might even be thinking about just killing myself to end to pain and my endless pursuit of approval.

In between picking up my cell phone constantly and texting, I would probably be playing a video game with a passion to get to higher levels, which means killing more and more of the “enemy”, although my own game character might be a demon like creature, and the people I’m slaughtering might look like ordinary white people. I might have to cheat to kill more people with secret codes I have to pay for, but lying and cheating is perfectly okay based on everything I have been learning.

After a fast food dinner my mother brings home, I would probably go to my room and play more games and watch a movie before I go to sleep. Since I would probably have Netflix, I would watch what Netflix claims are the most popular movies, which would largely be Zombie movies and other violent movies with bloody murders with the requisite sexual scenes inserted randomly. Of course, as a bonus I would be subjected to the “F” word throughout the movie, sometimes shouted by boys my age.

I might also watch the latest “coming of age” movie, which used to be about teenagers learning about life’s difficulties and working through them with a kind mentor who teaches them the value of truthfulness and hard work and good character. Today the genre called “coming of age” is about teenagers and even pre-teens having sex with each other, and that includes boys having sex with boys and girls with girls. Hollywood seems to delight themselves bringing such perversions into the bedrooms of young children today. I would be learning a vocabulary as a child today that I didn’t learn in my own life until I was in college and beyond college.

If my parents were progressive and hip, they might even have me on a prescription for ADD or attention deficit disorder. That’s very popular today, and no wonder considering the life I would be living as a child. My body would be fed garbage food, given vaccinations with mercury in it, and pumped full of mind altering drugs.

After 20 years of all this when I became an adult after graduating from a radical college, no longer having any connection to truth or reality, I might become a U.S. Congressman or Senator (“The Halls of Insanity”) and run America. Or maybe I would go to work for the main street press to facilitate the grand brainwashing agenda. Or maybe I would become a college professor at Berkley and help develop the agenda of America’s future leaders. Dear God, what have we become as a nation?

As recently as 20 years ago who would ever have imagined an America where:

  • We have an almost impossible job of knowing what the truth is on major political and economic issues of the day;
  • News anchors tell boldfaced lies while looking right into the camera day after day to millions of Americans who believe it all;
  • TV news, Print and online newspapers and news services have become an arm of a massive worldwide disinformation campaign with an unrelenting passion to spread false news;
  • In the current recession Billionaires see their wealth skyrocket while the middle class is destroyed financially, and poverty increases;
  • The power of government no longer has limitations, and they can shut down millions of businesses with a simple executive order, shut down Churches until further notice, order 350 million Americans to stay in their homes as if imprisoned, and suck the life out of small businesses who are permanently out of business and will lose their homes and everything they have;
  • The day would come when government orders every American to take a Covid-19 vaccination, even though it has not seen the critical testing involved in standard clinical trials, and even though our own Federal Government CDC has admitted by their own statistics that Covid-19 turned out not to be a pandemic at all and has actually killed fewer people than the common flu;
  • All Americans are still accepting government orders that everyone where a face mask, even though thousands of doctors around the world have proven with extensive data that the masks are ineffective against Covid-19 and are, in fact, more dangerous to wear than not;
  • Over 61 million babies have been murdered in the name of abortion in the U.S. since Roe v. Wade, and every day in America 2,362 babies are murdered in the name of a “women’s right to choose”;
  • American politicians are working with lobbyists from various sexually immoral organizations to legalize pedophilia, which only increases another nightmare–human trafficking;
  • American politicians now argue for the abolition of the American form of government in favor of a Marxist regime;
  • American politicians are applauded for their sexual immorality, and are given free reign to involve themselves in International financial fraud and the selling of top secret American technology;
  • American tech companies are allowed to steal all the personally identifiable information (PII) from every American and use it against them, to manipulate them, to control them, and to direct their voting preferences;
  • America’s own national security agencies, including the CIA and FBI, are now controlled by the same evil people with these Twilight Zone agendas;
  • The Department of Defense and our Federal Government cannot account for $23 trillion dollars, and no one has been able to find out where the money has gone;
  • It has become an American pastime of Democrats to seek the illegal overthrow of the American government, including false claims, slander, and a fraudulent investigation by the FBI into the President, including a fraudulent attempt to impeach the President, and Americans sit on their hands and do nothing to stop any of this;
  • The DOJ (Dept of Justice) and our law enforcement agencies do nothing to investigate and prosecute blatant fraud and even treason;
  • American judges no longer protect and enforce the Constitution, but now promote all these agendas, throwing aside their judicial duties entirely;
  • Americans have lost all control of their country, and evil politicians now totally dominate all the decisions and control all the money;
  • Hollywood has become the promoter of the most repulsive of sexual immorality imaginable, not to mention the most violent with an agenda to promote all of this insanity;
  • American Churches have gone off the rails and now the 10 largest American churches teach heresy and even satanic doctrines.

We are living in America’s Twilight Zone, and it is surreal. It’s hard to believe. I never imagined I would live to see these things? Did you?

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By Morgan

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