Patriot Patrick King represented himself in court after being fined $1200 dollars for protesting against the Covid-Hoax, he slew the beast and emerged VICTORIOUS.

He issued a subpoena to the Provincial Health Minister for proof that the so-called Covid-19 Virus exists, and they were forced to admit that they had no evidence whatsoever.

The virus has never been isolated, and thus the government had no legal grounds to impose any of the punishing restrictions they have inflicted on society.

Since this shocking confession came to light, the Province has since rescinded all Covid-Restrictions and now officially treats Covid-19 as nothing more than a mild flu! WE WON

King has shown the template to be followed WORLDWIDE. This is what can happen when you are not re-presented by a BAR (British Accredited Registry) Lawyer who’s first obligation is to the Corrupted Courts and not their client.




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By Morgan

2,121 thought on “BREAKING: Alberta, Canada resident Patrick King wins in court! There is no COVID-19 because SARS-CoV-2 doesn’t exist in the real world”
  1. As much as it would be wonderful if this was true – what the filings say is that they had no evidence that they believed was material to the case. They were saying the subpoena was invalid because the case had nothing to do with them and actually rejected the idea that the justification for the rules was part of the trial.

    1. Absolutely, I read the transcripts. He should have asked for a continuance when he was asked if he was prepared or wanted to postpone. He claimed he was ok. His failure to do so and to subpoena any witnesses that would be “material” to his case is why the hearing concluded how it did. I wish more people would take the time to read also.

  2. […] King heeft de template getoond die WERELDWIJD moet worden gevolgd. Dit is wat er kan gebeuren als u niet opnieuw wordt vertegenwoordigd door een BAR-advocaat (British Accredited Registry) wiens eerste verplichting ligt bij de Corrupted Courts en niet bij hun cliënt.… […]