• Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

BREAKING: China calls on ALL their citizens to leave Ukraine immediately.

For the very first time since Russia began its “Special Military Operation” in Ukraine on February 24, the China Foreign Ministry has issued an URGENT Bulletin to all Chinese anywhere in Ukraine, to EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY.  *** UPDATE 8:30 PM EDT — MORE COUNTRIES WARN CITIZENS TO LEAVE IMMEDIATELY

This action by China is no doubt based upon information they derived from Russia thanks to the close relationship between those two countries.   It also bodes ominously for Ukraine.

What does China NOW KNOW about the immediate future of Ukraine, that they are choosing to URGENTLY tell their citizens to evacuate immediately?

They all seem to know something is up…

“POSTPONE” Mid-Term Elections???

There has been very much speculation inside the USA that the Democrat Party knows it is going to be walloped in the upcoming Midterm elections in November.   Today being October 15, it seems to many Americans that whatever the Democrats plan to do, they HAVE to do before that date, if their goal is to somehow postpone the election.

Trouble is, the elections are not run by the federal government; they’re run by each of the fifty states.  Congress has zero authority to postpone elections.

Moreover, there is no provision within the US Constitution, permitting Congress to somehow EXTEND their term of office.   They cannot remain in power after January of 2023 no matter what law they pass.

Many believe firmly, however, the law and the Constitution won’t stop the Democrats from trying to cling to power by any means necessary.   If they start World War 3 next week, and the nukes fly, many suspect they would try to exploit that to their advantage.

Bear in mind, this nation held a Presidential Election during the Civil War.   Even an actual war, on our own soil, did not stop an election.  Keep that in mind.


Kazakhstan announced it is closing its Ukrainian Embassy immediately and all of its citizens should leave Ukraine at once.  Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Serbia have told citizens to leave Ukraine as well . . .

Source: halturnerradioshow.com

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One thought on “BREAKING: China calls on ALL their citizens to leave Ukraine immediately.”
  1. Being a regular visitor the RT website I can assure you that Ukraine is about to receive a taste of what they inflicted on the Donbass Russians for eight years. 300K Russian men of military age have been called into service, they’ve been training and are about ready for action in Ukraine under a known fighter who does not hesitate to use military force.
    ¶The triumphant claims of great gains by the lying UkrainianSecurityAgency was simple propaganda to cover the fact that the great campaign of the fall of 2022 has been stopped by the volunteer members or what the Russians call contract troops who join the military much as our Army is constituted. If necessary the Russians could once again, with minimal delay field an army numbering in the many millions. Fairly well equipped as well.
    ¶They have Chinese logistics to purchase supplies from and they have their own superb military/industrial base upon which to expand. That expansion has undoubtedly (its a secret, I only guess) been proceeding apace since they decided to oppose the UnitedSecurityAgency (our own USA) and its policy of direct confrontation through their UkrainianSecurityAgency (modeled on our own government). Our fool government has decided to teach the greatest land power on earth a real lesson and rub their noses in their own inferiority. As Medvedev terms them “Cosmic Cretins”. I tried Monumental Morons but it just doesn’t have the same gene se qua.
    ¶I thought our Evil Empire’s policies in Ukraine to be complete insanity for months after the SMO began and only recently realized it was quite sane if evil and fairly stupid. There is a real reason: the EU was becoming a serious economic competitor by sloughing off their military security responsibilities onto the US through NATO membership. Frenchie isn’t laughing anymore I’ll bet. The EU is completely cut off from cheap Russian energy resources which will place them into a serious recession if not depression and all the member nations are being urged to supply munitions to the Ukrainian Nazis. Obviously the regions of the EU that used to be nations will have to fire up their own military/industrial complexes to meet the demand. So in the near term and with the British Navy’s sabotage of the Nordstream pipelines, the CIA and the UnitedSecurityAgency has succeeded brilliantly, in the near term. The main benefits were of course sheer serendipity as the thrust was just to establish a dominated government on the Russian border in what Russia regarded as the Neutral Zone. Total Cosmic Cretinism but with benefits as chaos often produces.
    These guys are supposed to be smart I can only assume they believe they will wing it and something good will present itself if they stir up trouble.
    ¶The Nordstream sabotage was obviously a UK operation as our regime media did not have a campaign ready to exploit it and it was several days before a half-hearted attempt was made to stupidly blame the Russians themselves, who do not have the ability to operate militarily in the Baltic. With Scandinavian approval, it is a British Pond. I don’t think the Evil Empire even patrols much there and relies on the still great power represented by the Old Empire of the British Pax. Just because the UnitedSecurityAgency is greater does not make Britain powerless. No a new Labor government in the offing will do that just fine. Once EngSoc is in full control and the Tin Lizzie is history the British will be done for as a regional superpower forever.
    ¶God Bless Us All
    Hope you enjoyed this one Morgan, there’s more but I have to move on, toodles.

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