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BREAKING: In the Moscow region, Car BOMB Kill daughter of Alexander Dugin,who has been described as “Putin’s Brain”.

In the Moscow region, the car of the daughter of Alexander Dugin, the ideologist of “rashism” and Putin’s consultant, exploded.

On the evening of August 20, a Land Cruiser Prado car was blown up in the Moscow region, in the cabin of which was the daughter of the Russian philosopher and ideologist of “rashism” Alexander Dugin, Daria.

This is reported by the Baza Telegram channel.

According to the available information, the incident occurred in the area of ​​the Bolshiye Vyazemy village near Moscow in the Odintsovo urban district. The owner of the car, Daria Dugina, who was in the cabin, allegedly died on the spot.

Alexander Dugin is known as a Russian philosopher and publicist of the fascist direction, the founder of the ideological movement “neo-Eurasianism”, is considered the ideologist of “rashism”. Local media report on his significant influence on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The explosion of the car, which was probably Daria Dugina, occurred around 22 pm. Russian propagandists are voicing the main version – attempted murder.

It is also reported that Alexander Dugin himself was supposed to be driving in the car that exploded.

Traffic is blocked in the area of ​​the explosion – cars are sent to a detour.< /p>

Daria Dugina, like her father, was engaged in journalism, philosophy and political science. In July 2022, it was included in the UK sanctions list.

Recall that “rashism” now has its official Wikipedia page. In the global online encyclopedia, it is interpreted as the official political ideology of the ruling regime of the Russian Federation.

VIDEO: Footage from the scene of the bombing, with Aleksandr Dugin looking on in the foreground.

Sources: link to newsreadonline.com (secure), link to www.bignewsnetwork.com (secure), link to citizenfreepress.com (secure)

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One thought on “BREAKING: In the Moscow region, Car BOMB Kill daughter of Alexander Dugin,who has been described as “Putin’s Brain”.”
  1. ¶I think the Kremlin has accepted part of Dr. Dugin’s opinions. They are moving towards a more Asian outlook and abandoning the hoped for European alliance. However, I do not think the Kremlin has accepted the empire Dr. Dugin advocates. At least to date they do not seem to have fallen for the allure of empire. Their rhetoric both in RT and Tass indicates an awareness that empire is doomed to failure due to the animosities it arouses in the dominated nations. In the past the empires were able to last for quite long periods but always they fall and chaos and death are its rewards in the end. Presently many of its fans believe the period of ‘good days’ is worth the death and destruction of their own societies at its fall. The Russians just experienced such a fall. It was a powerful empire and fell in less than a century. Like all politicians the West claims victory but their turn is next. A politician will claim credit for a sunny day and try to dodge blame for inflation caused by their overspending and hedonistic ways. In other words, the fall of the Soviet had little to do with the West, the Soviet bested the USA every time they were in conflict. The Soviet fell because their socialist victims in Central Europe were running out of money and resources to steal. The Russians are giving the West another lesson about empire. Let’s hope their Chinese allies pay attention. Even the resourceful and productive Chinese people can be impoverished by political stupidity and short-sighted desire to parade their power over their own people. All famines in the modern world are politically caused. Droughts are local affairs not really even regional. If China cannot feed itself it is due to the CCP strutting its funky stuff on the heads of those who support it.
    ¶The technology of instantaneous communication and a shrinking of the world have also shrunk the time periods of such short-sighted madness. Empires have a much shorter lifespan than in the past days of the glory of the Old Roman empire which the New Roman Empire, the federal government of the USA, emulates and lusts to become. Just as Washington and Franklin warned, the so-called republic which we lost very quickly in a matter of a few decades was soon supplanted and birthed the New Empire of Rome even before Abraham Lincoln’s unwitting and certainly unwilling assistance. He wanted to keep the Union whole, a big mistake. He wanted to end legal slavery, God’s Will. At least God’s Will was done. Illegal slavery has become rampant and is becoming all-too obvious. The unborn have been slain in numbers which boggle the mind. God’s Will must be done on earth as it is in heaven. The Lord will have His way. Whether the elites wish it or no. Whether I wish it or no.
    ¶God Bless Us All

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