• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

BREAKING!!! Putin orders invasion – All countries leave Ukraine en masse – Evacuate civilian population

We have rapid developments in Ukraine as Israel, the USA, Britain, the Netherlands, Latvia, Norway, South Korea, Japan are leaving the country en masse, while the EU is also removing its staff. The Greek decision is expected from time to time.

The Americans reconsidered everything, saying that ” Putin gave the order to the Russian Army and now we are waiting for the start of the operation even before the end of the Olympic Games”.

Intelligence services have given a “black alert” which means the start of hostilities and war.

These developments come after the outburst of anger of S. Lavrov for the EU response.

USA: Putin gave an order to the Russian Army

According to last minute information, the President of Russia has ordered the start of operations in Ukraine. This is reported by US sources, officials and members of the Biden government.

The US media reports that the US expects “two days of heavy bombing and an electronic war that will kill everything in the region.

“Then follows the invasion with the primary goal of changing the government in Kiev.”

Six US and Western officials, including US Secretary of State John Blinken, said “the Russian operation will start next week”.

They emphasized that:

“Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to invade Ukraine. “He has given the order to the General Staff of the Russian Defense Ministry.”

Earlier, the Americans appeared confident that ” the Russian leadership has not decided whether to invade”!

Leaving Ukraine: Netherlands-Japan-EU-Norway-Britain – What alarmed Israel

The EU has begun withdrawing its staff from Ukraine. It leaves behind only the absolutely necessary staff. 

Israeli media report that “the Prime Minister of Israel has ordered the immediate evacuation of Ukraine as the Russians have the number of forces required to launch the operation in a short time.

Israel is evacuating the families of diplomatic personnel from Ukraine, something it has so far avoided doing. Along with a travel instruction he asks his citizens not to approach Ukraine.

The alarming detail in Israel was the ” sudden cancellation of Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov’s visit to the country. Lavrov was due to land in Tel Aviv on Monday. Israeli officials say the trip is not going to be rescheduled.

At the same time, the same order was given by the Foreign Ministries of Norway and Latvia.

The Foreign Office advised the citizens of the country ” not to travel to Ukraine and those who have stayed in the country to leave immediately with commercial flights as long as they are available”

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They remove secret documents

Finally, the Prosecutor General’s Office in Ukraine as well as the Ukrainian Secret Service SBU remove secret documents and files from Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk, areas in Eastern Ukraine.

At border checkpoints near Crimea, the Ukrainian authorities distribute leaflets instructing citizens on what to do, where to go, what to do if injured, etc.

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Source: warnews247.gr

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