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Breaking: US Diplomats get Anal Probe in Beijing.

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U.S. diplomat’s “anal test” humiliated, CCP keeps testing Biden’s bottom line
Beijing Time: 2021-02-21 05:04

[NTD News February 21, 2021, Beijing time]

Communist China is the only country in the world that uses “anal swabs” for virus testing. U.S. diplomats are deeply insulted. The U.S. State Department said it is evaluating how to solve it.

According to a report by the Washington Post on the 18th, they obtained the minutes of the meeting of American diplomats, which showed that some American diplomats stationed in China pointed out that the diplomats were forced to undergo the CCP’s “anal swab” virus screening process, which was unpleasant.

The CCP government requires residents living in the area where the infection case is located to undergo multiple tests, including “anal swabs,” which triggered a backlash from the Chinese people, calling out “extremely insulting.” This January even triggered a diplomatic dispute. After a South Korean tourist complained to the country’s embassy in China for help, he changed to a stool sample test.

In response to this, the US State Department is assessing all reasonable solutions and will safeguard the dignity of US diplomats in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. But outsiders believe that the US response is not strong enough.

Former US National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe (John Ratcliffe) said in an interview with Fox on the 18th that the primary threat to US national security is the CCP government, and under Biden’s ambiguous China policy, the CCP is in The South China Sea, Hong Kong and other areas continue to create troubles, and they are also testing the bottom line of the United States.

Former US Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe: “The Trump administration and President Trump will strike back and hold the CCP accountable for its actions, and the Biden administration has backed down. This is why you mentioned that Xi Jinping was tough during the call. Test the bottom line of President Biden.”

NTD reporter Yu Ting comprehensive report

Source: www.ntdtv.com

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