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[CAUGHT ON VIDEO] Man brutally attacks two Korean women with cement block in liquor store


May 4, 2021 , ,

A man in West Baltimore brutally attacked these two Korean female owners of a liquor store and beat them with a cement block as they fought back.

This happened last night:

That was brutal. I know this is Baltimore, but this scenario is exactly why owning firearms is so important.

Even if handguns are hard to get, a 12-gauge pump shotgun would very easily do the job. While this perp was fighting the one woman, the other could have shot him point blank in the face and ended it all right there. Messy, but over.

Both women are at home recovering now:

The other downside to not having a gun to end this kind of brutal attack is that this perp will probably get a light sentence, assuming they catch him, and he’ll be back out on the street in no time, ready to attack more Asians.

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