This is maybe one more CONSPIRACY THEORY what I found on some internet blog. You will Decide!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d REALLY love to be wrong on many things I report here – and this is true of the following.

And yet due to my familiarity with these things MUST warn others as DEMANDED of our LORD in Ezekiel 33… Since the ’80’s, the Russians and Chinese CCP have been exercising substantial influence in Mexico and Central America – something MSM has flatly scoffed at in their incessant drive to lull us to sleep, and once asleep, as so many are, to keep them asleep…

What most Americans do not realize is that Mexico is technically a communist country, the first in the World, their communist constitution established 2 years before that of Russia.

Dr. Skousen comments on the bitter hatred of Mexican and Central American leaders towards America AND Americans because they’re all Marxists. See Skousen’s masterpiece video, “Strategic Relocation.” MANY reasons to never ‘retreat’ to Mexico.

The Communists have assiduously taught at least 2 full Latino generations that it is their DUTY to invade America BY FORCE. And NOW China is promising to help them do so.

Trust me, being in Texas, this is not a happy thought. But it is also true that while in prayer one night in 1997 I felt that I simply could not deny what was so obvious even back then – China was positioning to invade through Mexico.

I came back to Texas in 2005 substantially to take up a rifle and defend Texas and America from this scenario. Now, in addition to all readers making all possible preparations I also advocate for us and other Christians to continue/begin praying against the CHINESE CCP/Cartel/Aztlan preparations – including against such activities in Mexican ocean ports, troops hidden in Mexican mountain ranges, and THROUGHOUT the region of Baja California and the Gulf of California…

Please see the attached map. Note that Baja California and the Gulf of California are NOT American territory.

I suspect CCP subs in that gulf – they may hope to launch cruise missiles at us from there.

Also, know that 2 years ago I told my Christian Mens’ blog that I think California will initiate secession and THEN cry for help to the “U.N.,” whose troops are allegedly 60%+ CCP soldiers – in effect inviting China right in while claiming U.N. troops are not CCP.

Here is one more story about secret invasion from China

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By Morgan

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