Fox News reported that John Avlon, Senior Political Analyst for CNN, referred to President Trump and those supporting him on fighting fraudulent ballots cast in the Nov. 3 presidential election as slavery-supporting “Confederates.”

While talking about the subject on Avalon’s segment, “Reality Check,” he told the audience that, “Trump’s alternate reality gets amplified on hyper partisan media,” referring to supporters who held signs that said “Stop the Steal,” “Stand for Truth,” or “Defend Democracy.”

“Without knowing it, you bought into what Abraham Lincoln once called the Wolf’s Dictionary,” Avalon said to Trump supporters who believe the presidential election should be investigated. 

“Back during the real Civil War, Lincoln agonized that both sides believed they were fighting for liberty, yes, even Confederates were fighting for slavery under the cloak of state’s rights.”

Avalon explained during the segment that Lincoln used a parable to explain the concept. 

“[W]hen the shepherd drives the wolf from the sheep’s throat, the sheep thanks the shepherd as a liberator, the wolf denounces him as the destroyer of liberty, especially if the sheep was a black one,” Avalon noted. “The wolf and the sheep have very different definitions of liberty. But as the war raged on and some border states voted to abolish slavery, Lincoln said that the wolf’s dictionary has been repudiated. We need to repudiate the wolf’s dictionary today.”

The Wolf Dictionary was actually a parable created by President Lincoln in 1864 to push Maryland to abolish slavery. 

Avalon also blasted President Trump for encouraging supporters to believe the election was fraudulent. 

“Our election system is under siege, but from Trump and his league team. And no President has done more to erode trust in our system of government than Trump with his refusal to respect the election.”

This is notably not the first time a left-wing “journalist” has grouped all Trump supporters together in an insult, and has striking familiarity (although more outrageous) to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 reference to all Trump supporters as “a basket of deplorables.”


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