The so-called “vaccine” against the Chinese novel coronavirus which causes the disease named COVID-19, is apparently very dangerous.  People are reportedly reacting very badly and even dying within minutes of taking the shot. Here’s evidence . . .

This front-line nurse from a Chattanooga, TN Hospital, was paraded out to the mass-media to tout the vaccine. 

While dutifully reciting how wonderful this so-called vaccine is, the nurse got dizzy and passed-out on camera!

How it started

How it ended:

Here, watch for yourself:


CBS-TV and the rest of the mass media, are so anxious to deceive the public, they actually broadcast this:  Nurses in El Paso, Texas being given the vaccine . . . . except as can be clearly seen in the video, THE SYRINGE IS EMPTY!  The person administering the “vaccine” presses down on the plunger, but the syringe is empty; nothing to inject ! ! ! 

Then the media hacks all applaud the nurse for “getting the vaccine.” Here, watch for yourself:

Are the media this stupid that they didn’t see the empty syringe, or is this all THEATER because people “in the know” (like medical folks) already KNOW not to take the vaccine and they don’t want the general public to know what’s REALLY going on?


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By Morgan

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