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David Hogg exposes the TRUTH about MASKS!! Yes THAT David Hogg! No NOT on purpose!


May 16, 2021 ,

I mean, sort of on purpose, but blithely because the implications are beyond the ken of the wannabe wunderkind. As we posted earlier, Rachel whatserface last night said she has to “rewire” her brain to not see people without masks as a “threat.”

But that’s NOTHING compared to what David Hogg said – and revealed, when he tweeted about it on Friday. “I feel the need to continue wearing my mask outside even though I’m fully vaccinated,” he said, “Because the inconvenience of having to wear a mask is more than worth it to have people not think I’m a conservative”

The emoji really seals the seriousness of his thoughts don’t y’all think? It may seem like a dumb and obvious thing, that’s what they all think and he’s just saying it. But think about what he’s giving away here. The mask is a virtue signal and he doesn’t WANT to give it up! It’s been the case all along. Their way to identify who is and isn’t one of the Covid FAITHFUL.

He wants people to know he’s one of the GOOD people. The adherents. The believers. The LIBERALS.

And he’s surrounded by people who think just like him. The left cloisters, and he knows his cloister has a uniform, and he doesn’t want to give up the easy new way to signal he’s one of them. He wants to keep his uniform.

Yes, he’s saying this on purpose. Yes, he’s intending to admit it’s a signal. But what’s he giving away unintentionally is the absence of rational thought in liberal decision making.

Like Scoop said, this is how liberals think. I’m not saying “this is WHAT they think.” I’m saying this the MANNER in which they cogitate. It’s their weird bizarro version of reasoning. It’s why identity politics drives their soul and their party.

They categorize based on outward signaling, mimic signaling from those they wish to be accepted by, and adopt broad based and often contradictory philosophical and policy positions based on those categories.

In other words, they DON’T think. They put on a mask and look for other people doing the same, and once surrounded by enough to feel protected, turn and spit anger at everyone who isn’t.

They’re intolerant. And they LIKE it. He didn’t mean to say that’s what they are. Because he doesn’t understand that what he said isn’t a positive thing. He thinks it’s just normal.


Source: therightscoop.com

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