• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

December 2021 – all hell breaks loose

NWO talking head Joe Biden made his outrageous mandate on 9 September 2021 (Thursday) about the forced vaccination, to be done within 75 days. That means, by 23 November 2021.

Most other countries have been pushing to get x % of population vaxxinated by the fall of 2021.

Do you hear ANY countries saying about any vaxx targets leading up to 2022? Even talk about boostershots has died out, some countries are offering a third round but there’s no official target or mandate for them.

OVERALL, I don’t hear ANY government talking about ANYTHING going up to 2022, or even 2023.

More than half of the world’s population will be vaxxed by the end of November, will be nearing 5 billion people, which is not what they wanted but probably “good enough for now”.

Then the volcano Cumbre Vieja at the Canary islands, started erupting on 19th of September. Some people are saying that it takes about 2 months for the volcano to reach the point of collapse. So… that would also be end of November 2021.

Oil, gas, food, heating, general supply of EVERYTHING is collapsing, prices skyrocketing.

That + the chant about the “dark winter” going on everwhere.

Yes. I’m convinced December 2021 is when the NWO plan goes to execution. Zombie apocalypse. Vaxxed dying by the billions. Natural disasters. Shortage of everything. People starving, freezing, dying.

That’s the plan. You have 1 month to complete your prepping.

Source: godlikeproductions.com

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