We all know what direction this is heading in. We’ve been talking about it for years, and now it’s right around the corner. It’s not even about covid anymore, the NWO is coming, we have to stop it. Now. Or there’s no going back. This is no longer a conspiracy.

How far will they keep pushing us until we react? I often hear that people don’t care about things until it impacts them personally… Well I’ll be damned if anyone in the western world hasn’t been negatively impacted by this bullshit. They’ve moved the goalposts for months, one false promise after the next. Millions of people have lost their jobs, businesses, livelihood and sanity. Many people have lost family members unable to even be in the same room as they pass, in fear of contracting a virus with a 99.97% survival rate.

And yet, we don’t react. Sure we post online, complain, offload to our friends who will listen… Guys, it’s not enough, we have to take a stand to this. It’s no longer just us “conspiracy theorists” that are seeing through the smoke. Everyone has had enough. I’ve travelled four different countries in the last two weeks, every single person I’ve spoken to about this is fed up.

The media, talking heads and government reps can only lie so much. What we see irl and what we see through our screens are two completely different worlds. Anyone with half a brain knows there’s fuckery going on – normie or otherwise.

We cannot let this vaccine become mandatory. I’m not anti-vax, many people aren’t, but there are so many red flags you’d be a fool to be rushing to get jabbed. They can threaten us with fines, arrests, whatever. We have safety in numbers, we – as a human collective globally NEED to disobey. There’s nothing they can do, if we’re all on the same page.

Many people don’t know how to disobey, yet I’m certain the majority of people know deep down that our freedom is on the line here. TPTB are relying on our conformity, they’re rushing, they’re getting sloppy – just look at the blatant fraud is the US.

We’ve all been blessed with life on our beautiful floating space ball, no man has the right over another. We are all equal.

People, it’s time to take action. This has gone far enough. It’s not just our lives being affected, our children and their children will not have the same freedoms as we did. Anyone from the UK, there’s a protest in London on Saturday, make time, make your voice heard. We need to take back our freedom before it’s taken away indefinitely.

All it takes is a movement to start, and I’m certain people will follow. We cannot let this play out any longer.


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By Morgan

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