• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

EXCLUSIVE: CDC Paid NFL Alumni Association $3.5 Million to Promote Experimental COVID-19 Vaccines

Could this explain why the NFL has become full-blown experimental COVID-19 vaccine psychopaths?

The almighty dollar fueling their push to coerce every player and coach to receiving the experimental injections?

According to U.S. Federal Procurement documents, the CDC slipped $3.5 million into the back pocket of the NFL Alumni Association.

In return, NFL veterans received gigs as vaccine salesmen to push the experimental COVID-19 jabs and combat vaccine hesitancy.

While the Alumni Association doesn’t work directly with the NFL, these latest revelations show that they support the same agenda.

To vaccinate as many people as possible with the experimental injections.

Here’s the latest:

While NFL veterans are selling out to the CDC and Big Pharma, many current NFL players and coaches are speaking out against medical tyranny.

Any NFL player or coach that refuses to take part in this Big Pharma medical experiment has earned slave status this upcoming season.

And the NFL Alumni Association is taking handouts from the corrupt CDC to promote the tool of enslavement.

TMZ had the scoop:

The NFL Alumni association was paid a whopping $3,500,000 by the CDC to promote the COVID-19 vaccine, TMZ Sports has learned.

U.S. Federal Procurement docs show the CDC and the NFL Alumni assoc. signed the multi-million dollar deal at the beginning of May.

The total value of the contract is listed at $3.5 mil … with the money earmarked for “NFL Alumni (NFLA) Health COVID-19 Vaccination Community Outreach and Education Project.”

FYI, the NFL Alumni was founded in 1967 by a group of retired football players. The organization’s current president is former NY Giants lineman, Bart Oates.

The NFL Alumni’s website features pro-COVID-19 vax testimonials from former NFL stars like Franco Harris, Rod Woodson and Harry Carson, amongst others.

The site also has a “Vaccination Tracker” and a link to access vax locations.

The group is a separate entity from the NFL … though you must have played or coached in the league to be a member.

Prior to awarding the windfall of cash, the CDC issued a Notice of Intent, announcing the grant.“

The [CDC] intends to award a sole source firm fixed price purchase order to The NFL Alumni Association (NFLA). The overall purpose of this contract is to facilitate collaboration among NFL Alumni and federal state and local public health officials as well as other local leaders to address vaccine hesitancy through communication and engagement with communities less likely to get vaccinated.”

The notice continues … “The CDC Vaccine Task Force will work directly with the NFLA to promote community-level and national COVID-19 education outreach and vaccination acceptance.”

The agreement with former players is interesting, because many current players and coaches are pissed about the NFL’s new COVID vax rules

The league has threatened to take away players’ game checks and even force forfeitures if unvaccinated players cause COVID outbreaks.

Source: welovetrump.com

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