• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

!!! FLASH ***** BULLETIN ***** URGENT !!!

The country of Hungary will declare a “WARTIME EMERGENCY” at midnight tonight.

Prime Minister Orban says “the government will declare a state of war from midnight today” to “protect Hungary and Hungarian families by all possible means” in a video posted on Facebook.

So clearly he knows something gigantic is about to take place.   The “something” must clearly be actual “war” because they’re actually saying it!

This seems to be “it” folks.   

Be prepared by tonight to bug-out to any backup shelter you may have, and make sure you have food, water, medicine, and COMMS,  because if this thing goes wild weasel between Russia-Ukraine/NATO, it will happen so fast people won’t even have time to think.

More if we get it . . . .

Source: halturnerradioshow.com

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3 thoughts on “!!! FLASH ***** BULLETIN ***** URGENT !!!”
  1. As long as people continue to allows fools to rule over them the world will never have peace

  2. Hmm. Morgan you should always be prepared to pack a fast bag and bug out. However, I believe its a state of emergency not state of war that Orban is declaring. So I am led to believe by RT and Tass. I rarely visit any lamestream medias except Fox’s website and CNBC so I may be wrong………. Nope, Bloomberg and dozens of others also say state of emergency not war. Not just lamestream media in this nation or RT who did indeed say emergency not war.
    *****Hungary is steering a wise course in choppy waters but what do you expect? It’s Orban after all. He acquires the ability to react quickly and decisively to events with the declaration of emergency. One of the most capable leaders in Europe. He remains aligned to the West for economic reasons while continuing to purchase Russian commodities, however Russia wishes it done. By doing so he presents Hungary as less than staunch but still Western to the West and somewhat neutral if not friendly to the East. Excellent, if you are a small nation in Europe. It’s what I would do if I were surrounded by arguing neighbors. Neighbors who are arming or in the case of Ukraine and Russia actually at war. It’s the rest of Europe that is beginning to arm. Good or Bad? Remains to be seen doesn’t it?
    *****The danger is building and will continue to build all year and quite possibly for several years ahead. The danger is real, the possibilities are dire. However, don’t bug out just yet. Continue prepping to do so and keep your eyes open. Get out of blue states or at least away from large metro areas if you can as a long-term survival strategy. Don’t be close downwind, East to EEN or EES, depending on prevailing winds at the time of possible nuclear events, to any Air Force or large Army base. Fallout spreads as much as 500 miles downwind. Have potassium IODIDE handy not iodine. Have a below ground-grade shelter in mind. 4 days after fallout descends over 90% of the radiation is dissipated. Wear a dust filter for a few weeks until good rains have fallen and washed any possible plutonium fragments into the soil. It’s still possible you will ingest some many years afterward and die. Favorable variable factors to you.
    *****The most likely time for such festivities to begin is during the State of the Union address when the political leadership of the nation is easily taken out by smuggled devices. The high command of the real armed forces, not the JCS, may also be so unwary as to be in Washington at the Pentagon, I’m unsure of that. The Five main Force commanders will be in charge for quite a period if they survive, let us hope they are more capable and of cooler head than that damnable Milley.
    *****I’m writing a novel with such observations but I’ve put it on hold in favor of a part-time job as a mall cop. Thirteen dollars an hour if you can believe it, big money in my eyes as even when I was a manager at a local Yellow Cab company I never made so much an hour. Buy precious metals and keep them handy for the bug out if necessary. That’s why I’ve gone back to work part-time. I’m retired and I’ve changed my fiat currency savings to precious metals. Pay farmers with silver or gold, not lead the third precious metal, as you might want to buy some food from him or her again. The local bank has nice safe-deposit boxes and I’m certain I will be able to get it out when needed as I’m pretty sure of when the festivities begin. The State of the Union address by POTUS to the villainous Empire he commands.
    God Bless Us All

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