The clot shots don’t have graphene oxide, they have graphene hydroxide- nano scale razor blades.

It all makes sense now.

His wife’s message:


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By Morgan

  1. I believe this has always been about a “borderless world 🌎”. Reducing the 🌎 population through stealth and finally nuclear war. Out of chaos comes order, Daniel chp 2 Ten global union’s, where every nation belongs to a toe.
    Afghanistan, a small toe where two treasonous president’s got u.s. into it and out with the help of Mossad not bin laden family. They were having dinner at the the White House.

  2. I am in shock.
    But, not at all surprised that those scoundrels would go to that extent.
    To silence, this cold hard truth about the Covid ‘vaccines’.
    RIP Dr. Andreas Noack
    Prayers to your wife.

  3. Can you please translate the wife’s comments too? American’s need to hear what she has to say as well.

    1. A German friend translated loosely for me
      “She says that after the last zoom call they were visiously attacked and that Andreas didn’t survive. Andreas wasn’t afraid of dying, he did what he did for us. The truth is now out there for all to see. She needs us now, she is asking us to step up to the task . We can no longer be silent. And we won’t, the time to resist has come.”

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