There is obviously a “Part 1” to this video, but people are claiming that she exited her vehicle with her hands in the air.

Two Kansas City police officers critically wounded a pregnant woman while her hands were in the air Friday night .


Leonna Hale is alive, thankfully, in severe but stable condition. No word on baby yet. She is suffering from a broken arm, collapsed lung, and 2 bullets they couldn’t remove. The original poster

@KCDefender has a cashapp link if you’d like to support Ms. Hale.

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By Morgan

One thought on “Get ready for Riots. Cops shoot “Unarmed Black Pregnant Woman” with her hands in the air.”
  1. Waiting further developments but if they shot her with her hands in the air things could certainly become interesting. Luckily, she is alive, hopefully the baby is undisturbed as she was apparently willing to give birth and thus has my countenance in that regard.
    God Bless Us All

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