I see a lot of depressing threads with messages “It’s over”, “Trump abandoned us”, “they are making lists” etcetera. Especially today I see a lot of these comments and threads.

In a way I can understand this. We are all emotionally exhausted, on both “sides”. A lot of mind games and fake news/intel going about. There are also other natural processes happening helping us face our fears. But for the love of God:

GROW A PAIR OF BALLS! Get a sturdy grip and stand strong in the storm. Sing to the storm, damnit.

You’re letting your fear take you down, and projecting that on everyone – OPs trying to help you, give you information, give you hope – out of their own heart. Then something does not occur as expected and you lash out your bad feelings on someone else instead of taking personal responsibility. I do understand these feelings, but it does not mean it’s OK.

It’s time to have some faith. It’s time to stop waiting for someone to do something. What you can do right now is facing your own fear, pull yourself up. All this negative energy you are creating is harmful not only for yourself, but to others.

One problem is that some people got used to being told, not to think for themselve and bailed out on taking charge. They are terrified – TERRIFIED – becoming free and able to be in charge of their own life. They grew a liking being a sheep.

Look at facts. Who is really panicking right now? Censoring a duly elected president. Unheard of. Trying to impeach 10 days before he is gone? Does not make sense. Going full psyops scare in main stream media? Why the hurry, you may ask, since they “won”.

We all know people are risking their lives and have been for decades – in order to save our freedom going against a deeply rooted evil. They got our six. We should be grateful. They are out there right now. Their families are worried sick about them. Every minute is a risk, plans change, schedules are pushed, people are dying for your freedom.

Try to have some patience, have some trust at least in your own ability to stand up and observe without fear, and be kind to others.

If things then goes bad anyway (which I don’t think it will) – at least you tried to be a responsible human being and having some dignity the last period in your life.

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By Morgan

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