Do people WANT us to forget about flight TWA 800?

William Teele joins to talk about what REALLY happened to flight 800 that left 230 souls perished. He believes that OUR military shot down the plane with a missile, & have been trying to cover it up for YEARS.

Why does he believe it? Because he was THERE when it happened.

The mystery is growing more popular and the questions are significantly growing!

I vividly remember the eyewitness interviews saying they saw a missile or rocket. Yet the story went away quickly. This is the least talked about story and all but forgotten.


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By Morgan

  1. A forgotten incident, it took me several minutes to realize they weren’t talking about the Korean Air flight that was shot down by the Soviets(Russian Federation?). Coverups are a specialty of my government. Evil doing of all kinds are a specialty of my government. My government is especially evil. Pity, I love the country and hate my government. Not an unusual attitude by any means. I include all parties not just the Democratic which is the heart of evil. The Beast requires more than a heart to function. It requires a brain. The Republicans have always seemed more scholarly and brainy. Their nature was revealed during the Trump presidency. I am a nonpartisan hater. I hate political parties. George Washington warned against them for reasons which are all too obvious now. They compete to one-up each other and kissy-kiss behind the scenes where they have dinner parties to decide who gets what next year. By ‘reaching across the aisle’ they have become a monarchy, an empire, not a republic at all, not anymore. Not for a long time. I guess it is only fair that I hate them since they so obviously hate the people of the Dis-United States. “As ye reap, so shall you sow.” “What goes around, comes around.” “Vengeance is Mine saith The Lord.” “God works through men.” “Lay the hammer down…take up the spear, the sword and the shield.” “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party.” “The sheep must safely graze.”

    The Blessings of God are as Curses upon the heads of the unrighteous, God Bless Us All

  2. Journalist Pierre Salinger early on stated that TWA800 went down because of a screwed up training exercise. Of course, Salinger died only a few short years later.

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