Hollywood actress Rose McGowan was a leader in the #MeToo movement against Democrat mega-donor, Hollywood kingpin, sexual predator, and rapist Harvey Weinstein. Her activism against sexual predators has taken Ms. McGowan down a curious path that includes turning her allegiance to the Democrat Party on its head.

Last week, Oprah Winfrey was her target, as she exposed what McGowan called the “ugly truth of Oprah” and accused her of “being pals with [Harvey] Weinstein and abandoning and destroying Russell Simmon’s victims” for “personal gain.”

“She’s as fake as they come,” she tweeted.

Multiple news outlets picked up on her accusations against the queen of Hollywood, Oprah Winfrey:

Unfortunately, for Hillary Clinton, she is Rose McGowan’s next target—-and the #MeToo activist and former “Charmed” actress may be the one person who has the courage to take on the mob boss of the Clinton crime family.

In one brutal tweet, Rose McGowan put the “evil” Hillary Clinton on notice. As if referring to her as the “shadow leader in service of evil” wasn’t enough, the Hollywood actress blasted the self-centered, ego-maniacal never to be President of the United States, Hilary Clinton.

“You are the enemy of what is good, right, and moral.

You represent no flag, no country, no soul.

You eat hope, you twist minds.” she tweeted.

And then she landed an ominous warning for the woman who, for decades, has stood by idly and allowed her husband to prey on women, knowing full well that her sexual predator husband was the ticket to her ultimate dream of becoming President of the United States.

McGowan concluded her message to Hillary: “I’ve been in a hotel room with your husband and here comes the bomb.”

Let’s hope Rose McGowan has a strong home security system and shares her whereabouts with trusted friends. Those who’ve crossed the Queen Bee of the Clinton crime family in the past, have not fared well.

Source: 100percentfedup.com

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