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How can they do this to the children?

Let’s close our eyes and take an imaginary journey together. Imagine you’re a kid from Guatemala, perhaps someplace in the countryside. Your family is poor, and its native language is Indio, not Spanish. Maybe you’re old enough to have done the 6 compulsory years of school, so you’re semi-literate in Spanish, although you probably have very little knowledge of the greater world. Imagine a hard home life, so that, even though you’re still young, you help with the younger children, and with farming or a trade. Your everyday life is in a hard-scrabble environment most likely lacking many things we Americans consider basic.

Word has spread that Joe Biden is allowing migrants to come to the USA and live there, in this magical rich place, if they have kids. No child will be turned back. It’s a place where people have jobs, kids get a good education, health care is free, food is ample.

All you have to do is walk there. Walk about 2,500 miles through Mexico and you’re in. Maybe, even, your family could join you later.

Let’s say your family gets an offer from a single guy from the village who wants to get into America and needs a child at his side to make it happen. He’s already paid the coyote a great deal of money for a single adult male plus a child. Your family will get the chance to have a child educated in the USA, who may get a good job and send them money, so they say yes.

And so, the journey begins. It will take at least a month, walking, all day, every day, first to Mexico, and then, through that entire country.

Think about a group of such migrants, joining together and setting off. Let’s say there are a modest few hundred people in the caravan.

Again, put yourself in that child’s shoes. Can you imagine the journey? Walking 10 hours or so every single day. How does this group live while they travel? How does it eat? Where does it get water that’s safe to drink? Does food magically show up? is the coyote providing it? Where do they sleep? Probably on the ground, in the open, somewhere. No matter the weather, there is no choice.

Now, for a moment, imagine that you live in one of the towns through which this migrant caravan travels (as do many others). Day, after day, after day. Through your land, traversing your roads, relentlessly.

Think about simple things. Sanitation for instance. Where do these people go to the bathroom? Wash? What happens when someone gets sick? Dies? What happens if there’s a storm? If the weather turns hot? How would your town cope? Does it make you wonder how the Mexican towns cope? (According to this report, the towns are not coping well. The migrant caravans, which are enriching the already-powerful cartels. are destabilizing the nation.)

So many bad things can happen on this journey and they always do.  You can imagine some of the perils. You can imagine the children, arriving at the border after this journey. If you, the imaginary child, are a girl, the statistics are that 80% of girls and women will be raped. Some have been treated roughly. Some have lost parents or their traveling companion to disease, dehydration. Many are sick. (The Biden administration refuses to test them for COVID, probably because the numbers are very high.) Could you, you who are reading this, take the journey safely? Could your children? We’re soft Americans. I bet not!

If you’ve indulged me by joining in this trip, you have to be left wondering. Wondering why anyone in their right mind, would issue an open cattle call for immigrants to make this perilous journey. It’s tearing families apart, as well as saddling US citizens with the cost and obligation of the migrants’ safety and health and the children’s education. They may not have traveled through your town to get here, but they will be traveling to your town to live. Because Biden invited them.

And what of those children whose parents are enticed into sending them on this dangerous journey with cartel members and strangers? Their child is raped, sickened, thrown over walls, and otherwise abused. In the case of our hypothetical child, the DNA doesn’t match with the companion, so the child is now in a crowded holding facility, all alone, awaiting his or her fate. Again, imagine your own child in those horrible circumstances.

And yet the same people who railed against Trump for putting kids in cages are perfectly all right with this massive human trafficking. It is insanely cruel to entice impoverished people to throw their children into this scenario. And it is equally cruel to the Mexicans and the Americans who will ultimately have to bear the burden of the millions of illiterate, unskilled, likely-infected people being thrust into their towns and schools, including massively traumatized children.

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