5:30 PM EDT — The Israeli Defense Force tweeted a message that many believed indicated a GROUND INVASION was begun, but they have now clarified that . . .


Now being told “A ground invasion has not begun. IDF tanks, artillery, and mortar fire, are joining IDF jets, helicopters, and drones in massive strikes on Gaza. 


Palestinians report that hundreds of people are fleeing southwards from the ongoing IDF op in the northern part of the Gaza strip.


Israel Homefront command orders all communities on the Gaza border to enter bomb shelters immediately at stay there.  All residents within 4km of the Gaza border are asked to remain in their shelters until further notice.


Now reading Arab News reporting Israeli Ground Troops HAVE ENTERED the Gaza Strip.   All very confusing right now.

and here:

Power outage in most of Gaza neighborhoods now.

The heaviest bombardment of Gaza by Israel Air Force within past 13 years is now taking place.

Over 100 fighter jets of Israeli Air Force are involved in this Operation before ground offensive by the IDF.


Israel sent its military into Gaza, a major escalation. It is not immediately clear if it was a limited bid to destroy rocket bases or kill leaders of Hamas, the militant group that controls Gaza.


Ceasefire rejected. Tel Aviv says the war continues.

Source: halturnerradioshow.com

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By Morgan

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