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It’s not Ukraine. IT’S US!


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Consider all the facts: Biden telling us to prepare to hurt at home in response to sanctions imposed from Russian aggression. Counter responses from Russia to halt oil to United States, wheat and now fertilizer.

Russia and China are now more or less allies. Who owns more farm land in the United States than anyone else on earth? Gates @ 242,000ac. China is right behind him at 190,000ac.

China owns Hormell. China owns Smithfield.

What happens to America when the following occur at the same time?

— Russia cuts off sizable oil supplies the US DEPENDS ON
— Russia stops ALL fertilizer shipments to the us (84% of our supply comes from Russia)
–Russia halts ALL wheat shipments to United States (29% of ALL US Wheat – 17% from Russia, 12% from Ukraine)
–China controls a portion of our pork processing
–China owns former American owned food producer Hormell

Add to that… What is Russia going to do with all of their oil they’re not selling to us anymore? They can’t sell it to China because China has banned Russian imports. Oh you didnt see the news? Seven days ago China ‘eased’ restrictions on Russian oil imports. It’s goes to China. PERMANENTLY.

What is Russia going to do with all that fertilizer we’re not buying? China.

What will we do when a sizable percentage of our farms are owned by the enemy and they dont want to share any produce with us?

We starve.

People aren’t seeing the bigger picture here. It’s US who is being attacked and it’s from all angles and no one is seeing it! Fuck Ukraine. This isn’t about them. they’re the catalyst. WE ARE THE TARGET.

We’re going to be cold, hungry and without power before we know it.

Look at the pieces. It all makes sense. We’re the fucking target and our government is in on it.

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2 thoughts on “It’s not Ukraine. IT’S US!”
  1. I call the actions of the Western dictatorship’s central bankers and governments: drawing closed the Polyester Curtain. It doesn’t isolate Russia from us it isolates us from Russia. The positions are not the same as at the end of WWII. We are not the world’s single major power anymore, we are one of a number of players. We are not going to be able to starve Russia and China into submission as the fools seem to believe, rather it is we who will starve on the vine. China makes all the solar panels the west is so morally buying up like hotcakes while we are forbidding the development of nuclear power and fossil fuels.

    I’ve purchased a bike in anticipation of some climactic (Pun intended) event that the clowns foist off on us to justify the poverty and degradation we are beginning to experience. We need the exercise after being shut up in home-prison during the Covid Paranoia scandal. Do you think they’ll find some way to control us again? Obviously. This fake “Forever War” doesn’t even include us in the hostilities yet all of Washington is talking about patriotism and how you betray the country if you disagree with their narrative. Not just the leftists and neocons but the so-called centrist Republicans are jumping on board the bandwagon to Hades. McCarthy the minority leader of the House was sporting a kerchief in the colors of the Ukrainian flag for God’s sake!

    In 2014 we supported the coup de etat in Ukraine and watched gleefully while our puppets shelled the innocent civilians in the Donbass along with those who objected to the overthrow of the elected government in Kiev. Zelensky implied that the Ukraine would develop nuclear weapons in the giddiness of the West’s propaganda campaign and ten or so days later the Russian Federation crossed the border of Ukraine. That is a fact and so was the overthrow of the Ukrainian government in 2014. Make up your own mind for God’s sake. Don’t be a NPC. Think! It will soon be illegal to do so, I advise you to gorge yourself on the process while you can get away with it. Thought crime is punishable by death you know. Ask Ashli Babbitt or more happily, Kyle Rittenhouse. Big Brother does shoot to kill. If we try to actually fight the Russians in Ukraine, so will they. Big Brother knows this and fears this, I doubt the current deflection from Brandon and BoJo’s domestic problems will last much longer than it takes Russian to consolidate its inevitable victory. They bagged 60K Ukrainian troops in the approaches to the Donbass almost immediately upon beginning military operation in their so-called conquest. That is fact.
    “Under the spreading chestnut tree, I sold you and you sold me.” George Orwell in 1984.

    God Bless Us All

  2. Well I forgot that this site’s comment section does not allow paragraphs by double spacing and requires other methods, so sorry.

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