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Juan O’ Savin: Crucial Intel Drop and Update Roundtable (Must See Video)


Mar 27, 2022

Juan is back with Gerry, David, and Lynn and these 4 drop some major Intel and disclose HUGE updates regarding President Trump, and all of the other current craziness we are seeing going on.

We are that the point where all of the truths are coming forth and are being brought into the light. 

You can’t afford to miss this one!! 

Source: beforeitsnews.com

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One thought on “Juan O’ Savin: Crucial Intel Drop and Update Roundtable (Must See Video)”
  1. The prayer to our Lord God must be effective, prayer is always effective, if you pray for understanding and the welfare of others first, prayers are even more effective. Let us also realize that our first prayer is for God’s Will to be done. Let us realize that we are not the ones to judge God. His Will does not always agree with our desires. I am not a Christian though I believe it is better to love than to hate. Hate brings strength in adversity. It is not always evil. Love is not always good. These are judgements and we know what our brother Jesus advised about judgements. Judge all as good unless it is forced upon you to judge otherwise for we are judgemental. The grace of our brother Jesus eluded even himself as his whipping of the money changers illustrates. It is a goal to attain a state of grace, one which all of us are doomed to fail but we must continue the effort, it is the journey that matters for we will never reach the end. I have two main prayers the first and foremost is that God’s Will be done and the second is that my heart’s hatred be eased though I know it cannot be cleansed for there is much we do that makes me angry, which leads to hatred which leads to violence and sin if allowed to proceed too far.
    God Bless Us All

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