• Mon. Mar 20th, 2023

Juan O’ Savin, Delora O’Brien, and David Nino Rodriguez: Major Truth Intel Drop (Video)

Juan O’ Savin and David Nino Rodriguez reveal major information in this latest intel dump. The discussion also touches on the loss of CirstenW.

We are all anxiously awaiting the unfolding of the events we desire. Juan stresses patience and all will go according to plan. 

Make sure not to miss this! 

Source: beforeitsnews.com

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2 thoughts on “Juan O’ Savin, Delora O’Brien, and David Nino Rodriguez: Major Truth Intel Drop (Video)”
  1. You guys are passionate. I like it. Yes, we are living in times of Revelation. CBS has its headquarters in the the Black Tower (Actual name) in the Manhattan district that has the 666 telephone exchange number. Spooky huh? Don’t bother worrying about CBS being the beast or any such nonsense, CBS is a puppet of the demonrat party. CBS under Dan Rather after Walter Cronkite retired, lead the entire legacy media into subservience to the demonrats and the overlord NWO which holds the reins of power through their rino base. The rinos form the balance of power because they can enter or leave the Coalition and thus the demonrats must have them or have no absolute power of their own. The neocons must be very worried indeed, they are actually rattling the sabre at Russia on the border of Russia itself in the Ukraine. Total madness.
    The NWO is the demonrat/rino coalition which was formed here in the USA just after the first hot phase of the Civil War once it finished its conquest of the native nations and consolidated its empire in North America it turned its attention to international horizons and began its mindless mission to control the world. It is the NWO and its puppets that it controls from the “shadow empire” they formed so long ago that is in fact a very good candidate for The Beast. The Beast is not a person or St. John would have said prince or king or man or woman. So we know it must be a non-human entity of some kind. Seems unreal to me that I would be typing such words as these, though they’ve been building and I’ve been blogging around them ever since The Steal when I realized we did not have a representative republic but instead a patrician republic just like Old Rome.
    How could the demonrats have been so stupidly criminal as to get caught in their red-handed grab into the cookie jar? The answer is they weren’t thinking, just greedily grabbing for undeserved power. A bestial characteristic. The human puppets caught in the web of the miasma of competitive and amoral urges of their collective psychosis must sometimes also wonder why they did it.
    Trump Derangement Syndrome, Covid Paranoia Syndrome, the Russian Collusion myth are all things we’ve ascribed to power hunger. These people don’t hunger for power, they already have absolute power and they are going mad. Just as in the days of the Roman Emperors the first of whom was actually a patrician in the republic mold. The second was an aged soldier relying on power hungry subordinates to run his empire but he dealt with it and is regarded as a decent autocrat for the times he lived in, I agree. Then came Caligula.
    I believe The Coalition (demonrat/rino) will go mad with absolute power if they aren’t already. The current emperor without clothes (the will of the people is the armor of the chief executive) reminds me of Tiberius, aged, relying on subordinates more than he should and persecuting his political opponents on a personal level, using the corrupted judiciary system of our once and no longer Republic.
    Just as George Lucas predicted (Star Wars is politically reflective of his beliefs about our nation) the Republic functions no more and has been replaced by the “shadow empire” and its true ruler. But that ruler is not a human, it is a mass psychosis, a madness that is so bestial in nature, what else could it be? It fits all the elements for it predicted by Revelations. The anti-Christ was Hitler, he tried to return all of Europe to paganism and nearly succeeded while persecuting the Jewish religion, of which our own Brother Jesus was a member, forcing the end-time reestablishment of Israel. The Beast is the Coalition that rules half the known world in the most immense empire in history. Megalomania, paranoia, obsessively seeking more power when it is already absolutely powerful, amoral, militantly atheistic and attacking the churches of our Lord God.
    The progressive movement is not at heart a political faction but a religious death cult advocating the reduction in numbers of the common people in a death spiral that will inevitably end in such a slaughter that the 400 million dead by abortion so far is just a taste of their madness. So too is the NWO not just a Coalition of corrupted politicians, but a non-human psychosis infecting the victims of its narrative. The narrative endlessly pushed by its enthralled and compliant puppets in the legacy propaganda mills. It leaves the victims of the narrative without minds of their own, afraid to contradict their programming.
    The whore of Babylon? Didn’t the Confederacy have 11 states, one of whom has just left the fold (Virginia) leaving 10. Not the same 10 as during the first hot phase of our Civil War but one has just left the Coalition. If everything weren’t so politically secretive about the Coalition we would probably conclude that Pelosi is a very good candidate.
    The false prophet has a list of candidates so long I might as well include myself amongst that number. Am I not raging against what can only be concluded to be my very own conspiracy theory?
    Usually I can’t help myself and interject at least one joke so…”In the purity of our essence.” – General Ripper in Dr. Strangelove. I’m probably mad, at least I know I’m angered beyond the power of everything I do to stop myself and must turn to prayer. Remember the wisdom of our Brother Jesus and the love of God he told us of.
    God Bless You All and may He give us Strength with Honor which yields Peace and Freedom, just a few of His many Blessings.

    1. Sorry, I indented the paragraphs and need to remember to insert a blank line between them so my comments don’t present such a wall of text.

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