The awakening is spreading like wildfire and the people are waking up from a long slumber that consisted of political corruption and the lies we’ve been fed.

In this very important video, Juan, David, Charlie, and Ann disclose new update and expose more crimes committed against We the People

Please take the time to watch this..We need to get as any awake and informed as possible! Time is running out.


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By Morgan

One thought on “Juan O’ Savin: Huge Updates With David Nino Rodriguez, Charlie Ward,and Ann Vandersteel (Video)”
  1. Yes, I’ve wondered if they would in fact substitute an actor for Brandon or even just a digitally created image. An animatronic puppet made by Disney Studios would substitute nicely for Brandon in fact it would do a better job in my estimation. Since they’ve already substituted sets (this is not the first instance) for the oval office, why not substitute for the gaffmaker in chief?
    God Bless Us All

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