Following their breakup, the abusive ex-boyfriend of the father’s daughter shoots him in the head!

A video of a moment when a father gets shot in the head by his daughter’s abusive ex-boyfriend after she broke up with him has gone viral on social media platforms.

Joo Rosário Leo, a parent and retired civil police officer, was shot in the head inside a store in Setor Bueno, Goiânia.

The young man entered the store with the gun aimed at the man, and the now-viral video captures that moment before he shot the victim and fled.

After the man shot the father and departed, the daughter, who was sitting with him when his ex-boyfriend arrived, can be seen becoming perplexed before she ultimately left.

The police officer’s daughter dated the suspect, according to the information gathered by, who then reported the suspect’s threats to the authorities.

The officer who had been shot was carried to a hospital in the city.

According to information obtained by Mandy News, Felipe Gabriel and Kennia Yanka, the suspect’s ex-girlfriend and daughter of the prior man, had an abusive relationship for one year.

Her ex-boyfriend verbally abused, threatened, and physically assaulted her in line with her.

  • “At first he confirmed himself to be an exquisite individual, however then he turned out to be a monster, abusive.
  • He beat me, put a gun to my head and threatened that if I left he would kill my entire household”, the young lady reveals.

Watch the video below.


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