This morning I received the following document in a Telegram news/chat thread (H/T Ashley S.) which was submitted on behalf of Jeffrey Epstein’s victim, Virginia Giuffre:

Here’s what we know:  “BSF – Bois Schiller Flexner” was founded by Heather King, and according to connecting websites King is still active in the firm. Who is Heather King & why does it matter? It matters because, it was discovered in the confidential emails contained on Hunter Biden’s laptop that Heather King was representing Biden’s interest in Burisma :

13. Attorney-Client Communi… by Pete Santilli

13. Attorney-Client Communi… by Pete SantilliIt goes much deeper than Heather King being conne

It is important to understand who Heather King is because when you take a closer look at her ties to Hunter Biden you quickly learn she is deeply connected to the Clinton Crime Family. Now on the face of it you might say that isn’t so surprising given that the Clinton’s and the Biden’s have a long history of connectivity as almost every liberal politician in Washington, DC does, but there is a surprising connection that suggests there is a very murky relationship between the Clintons, the Bidens, Jeffrey Epstein, Epstein’s most publicly known victim, and Heather King & BSF.

  Heather King of BSF, we learn much about her professional experience and connections to the Clintons through her own Linked-In page:

It is also important to note her “Human Rights” advocacy on behalf of exploited “girls worldwide”, as well as her direct connection to the Clinton Foundation. Given that she is a representing attorney to the now questionable Hunter Biden, who’s  sex tapes are being reported to show the middle-aged son of Joe Biden having sex with underage girls, and the accusations that the Clintons were deeply involved in the Jeffrey Epstein exploitation of young girls, we find it interesting that Heather King is also heading up some pretty serious recruiting efforts to bring young girls into DC politics under the guise and promise to protect them from the exact type of men (sexual-predator politicians) she vigorously represents.

Deep State government bureaucrats, media & silicon valley censors would immediately call this  “conspiracy theory” for thinking or discussing these connections, dismissing them as coincidental, unrelated or speculative, but when you understand that the firm Heather King founded, is a partner, and is still deeply rooted in is also representing and advising Virginia Roberts-Giuffre who just happens to be the number-one accuser of Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, and Ghislaine Maxwell,  it becomes abundantly clear that Heather King is much more than just another attorney who represents Hunter Biden and his interest in Burisma.


  • The Laptop From Hell reportedly contains damning information related to the Biden Family’s alleged corruption and money laundering in the Ukraine through Burisma.
  • Burisma’s largest client is Arcelor-Mital, owned by the Clinton Foundation’s top donor, Ukraine Oligarch Victor Pinchuk.   Hillary Clinton & Victor Pinchuk are documented to have shipped highly specialized steel to Iran in violation of U.S. sanctions against Iran. (See Hillary Clinton & Ukrainian Oligarch Shipped Steel To Iran, Potentially Used For Enrichment Via Nuclear Centrifuges –
  • Hunter Biden is reportedly a child/sex abuser, and the Laptop From Hell has been turned over to Delaware State & Federal law enforcement by Former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Former NYPD Police Chief Bernard Kerik.
  • All of the legal, financial and allegedly criminal information contained on the laptop is almost certainly in the possession of Chinese Communist Party intelligence officials.
  • Heather King of BSF, a purported advocate for the prevention of exploitation of women is representing Hunter Biden, an alleged child/sex abuser who is currently under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigations.
  • Per her LinkedIn profile, Heather King is also very well connected to Hillary Clinton, The Clinton Foundation, and one of the most notorious sexual abusers & rapists in the world, former U.S. President William Jefferson Clinton. (See “You’d Better Put Ice On That” – Juanita Broderick  and The Clinton’s War On Women – Roger Stone)
  • Heather King and her BSF law firm is centrally connected to Hillary Clinton, The Clinton Foundation, Hunter Biden, Burisma and their top client Arcelor-Mital; owned by Victor Punchuk; the Clinton Foundation’s top donor, as well as Virginia Roberts-Giuffre in the Jeffrey Epstein / Ghislaine Maxwell case.

Coincidence?  For those of us who have spent a decade connecting the people in the Clinton circle of abuse, there are no coincidences. We can only wonder if Virginia Roberts-Giuffre was informed by her BSF attorneys that they’ve been working for the Clintons in various capacities since 1999 .. If not, then why? And if she does know, then the question that begs to be answered is; just exactly who is Virginia “Roberts” Giuffre?

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Read all the emails that have been made public by Rudy Giuliani here:

Burisma Connected to Pinchuk by Pete Santilli


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