Throughout History, Traitors Have Been Hung For Committing Treason, Today They Are Made President.

The American culture is about to change forever… 

The Lifestyle Americans were allowed to live, is all in the past now.

Most folks don’t realize it yet, but life as we knew it has just changed forever. 

Traditions are no more, they have been dissolved, Torn down, Removed and Demonized.

Statues to help us never forget the struggles we have overcome as a nation, GONE!

One of the last remaining Symbols of Freedom and the victories America has won, is the White House, one day, it will have to be removed too. Don’t ever think it can’t happen.

When Killers, Pedophiles, Liars and Cheats, Satan’s Minions, set out to destroy a culture, history is the first thing they remove.

Here’s what Lin Wood has to say tonight. 


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By Morgan

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