This latest installment is a talk with Juan O Savin – what is to come?

He is heading off to DC. Covers Voter Fraud, Military Solution, Trump. 


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By Morgan

6 thought on “Major Intelligence Update From Juan O’Savin (Video)”
  1. On behalf of the vast majority of patriots and veterans, if the fraud is not brought to light by the beginning of April. We will gear up and go physically remove these motherfuckers from their offices, houses, or wherever they might be. We know who they are and the black flag will fly.

  2. Hmmm. Ear candy and I love it yet I have questions.
    We all know that if the People actually began to group up, team up, and started to move; comms would go down and 80 percent might just give up. No cell phones so what now?
    Now the few with communications skill, radio gear, dark web on private servers over HAM and on and on.
    That’s definitely gonna thin the less than passionate group.

  3. We are all so hungry for results. I know we aren’t privy to every tidbit of information so I pray with all my heart that the Military does indeed have whatever proof of voter fraud that is needed. This truth can’t be told soon enough, and regardless of what that truth is, we are all big boys and girls! I think we are strong enough to hear just about anything. Any little thing would be better than the consistent lies we hear from the Democrats and the Media.

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