• Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

Man Electrocutes himself on Pylon, not for Sensitive Viewers. GRAPHIC VIDEO!


May 27, 2022 , ,

He didn’t stick the landing.

That will cost him on the final score

And no one assist they keep filming and walking past.

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One thought on “Man Electrocutes himself on Pylon, not for Sensitive Viewers. GRAPHIC VIDEO!”
  1. Obviously a bizarre form of suicide. Looked pretty quick though. I’m unsure whether quick or gentle is the best death. A sheet of neutrons from a tactical weapon always seemed pretty good. A brazier of charcoal beside your bed in a sealed room might be sweet. The good old bullet to the brain. I wonder why this guy chose electrocution? We’ll never know I guess. I’ve also realized that what I call Maxwell’s Hammer would be a fine way to go. A heavy weight of stainless steel guided down on the head of the client, propelled by gravity would be better than a guillotine I believe. They say the brain would retain some semblance of awareness for a few seconds after severing off the head. There would be no awareness if the head is crushed flat by The Hammer. The attendant could then spray off the device with water and ready it for the next client. Much better than the current drugs I think, less costly in the end as well, as a doctor is not required. Just the executioner.
    God Bless Us All

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