Early Monday afternoon, Mark Levin, host of the Fox News show “Life, Liberty, and Levin”, took to Twitter to lay out his thoughts on Joe Biden – the current “President Elect”.

Levin is generally one of the most respected and level-headed conservative pundits in the game. The outrage he expressed yesterday paints a portrait of how many Americans view the current state of the American political landscape – moreover, the election system.

Levin decided to go full-nuclear on the former Democratic Senator, starting with the fact that the mainstream media is already in the works of crediting Joe for Covid-19 vaccinations and Operation Warp-Speed.

Levin then went on to point out the fact that Americans find it extremely suspicious that Pfizer announced the successful implementation of a Covid-19 Vaccine just days after the election.

Since Joe Biden is the President Elect (at the moment), experts are now saying that they will be able to begin administering the vaccine in certain areas by the end of the year. This is something that President Trump has mentioned on many occasions – yet the media and “experts” scoffed at the idea just a few weeks ago.

Levin, on a roll, moved on to the economy, which is making an unprecedented comeback despite constant ridicule from the democratic establishment. 

Levin points out the real fact of the matter – that for the last several months, Joe Biden has barely made himself visible to the public. Remember that when the Hunter Biden scandal broke, Biden called a lid on his campaign for nearly a week. It’s a situation in which no mainstream reporter has even made an attempt to find the truth.

Needless to say, Joe Biden had virtually nothing to do with the advent of a vaccine and was a nay-sayer about every step toward progress the President’s Administration made.

It is extremely unfortunate that we as Americans can no longer trust the established news media in our country. It goes without saying that the credit Joe is receiving from the mainstream is completely unmerited. Most would have a very tough time naming something positive that Joe has ever done for America – especially in the past several months.

If the trend continues, democrats, with the assistance of Big Media, will begin to rewrite all of history the way they see fit.

Source: trendingpolitics.com

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By Morgan

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