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Mask wars break out in quiet country town


Mar 19, 2021 ,

Schools and employers requiring staff/students to wear masks must communicate to them the risks of doing so, or be in breach of the Nuremberg Code.

Resistance to masks is growing with more people refusing to wear them.

I’ve noticed this week shops are stopping asking why I’m not wearing one.

Mask fatigue is at last breaking out.

In the wine warehouse, a young man bounded over to me and asked if he could help me. Assuming his enquiry referred to my purchase of wine, I informed him that I had already made up my mind on the Chianti, but I was merely interested to research other choices for another occasion.

Then the real reason for offering his help became apparent. ‘Do you have a mask?’ he enquired. ‘No,’ I replied. ‘Would you like me to give you one?’ he ventured.

‘The correct way to address a customer on this matter, so as not to cause offence, is to first enquire whether I am able to wear a mask,’ I replied. ‘If you had asked me that first, then your other questions would have been unnecessary.’

This was a couple of weeks ago the same day an idiot assaulted me in the cheese shop saying,’Why aren’t you wearing a mask? You look perfectly fit.’ Flattered by the compliment, I replied that it was none of his business.

He wouldn’t let go and withdraw from the counter despite having finished his purchase. I approached the counter, ‘Don’t come near me,’ he barked raising his dog string winder up to my face, as if suggesting he would use it I didn’t withdraw. ‘If you don’t let me approach the counter, I will call the Police,’ I replied. ‘Yes. Let’s call the Police,’ he retorted dialing on his mobile.

He loitered outside the shop with his dog, glaring threateningly through the window. The shop-keeper asked me to go out the back and leave her to handle the situation which, like a coward, I did. I really couldn’t be bothered with more of this tripe and then having to talk to the Police as well.

Let’s hope he gets both vaccines as soon as possible, and I can shop for cheese in peace!

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