• Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Massive Troop and Armor Movements Begin in Belarus – New Combat Designation: “K”

As of 7:12 AM EST here in the USA, troops in Belarus are now on the move toward Ukraine and their tanks and other vehicles bear a new combat group designation: “K”

Word coming out of the region suggests (but does not confirm) that a new invasion of Ukraine will commence on (western) Christmas Day, December 25-into-26.

It is worth noting — in that part of the world, people do not celebrate Christmas on December 25, they celebrate Orthodox Christmas in early January.  So what is a solemn and holy day for us in the west, is not yet that same holy day for them.

Whether or not a secondary invasion will take place, it seems clear from images and information coming out of Belarus, that at least _something_ big seems to be taking place right now.

Convoys of military troops and armor are on the move.  Whatever this is, could prove decisive in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine Special Military Operation.

It has been speculated for weeks that Russia had been massing troops in Belarus to launch a second offensive into Ukraine, in the areas near the Poland Border, so as to cut-off NATO supplies coming into Ukraine.

If these troops move southward from Belarus, they would enter northwestern Ukraine in perfect position to halt weapons shipments from Poland.

In a rather unusual early-morning statement, the Russian Ambassador to the USA said early Friday morning “The risk of a clash between Russia and the USA is now high.”

Why a statement like that would be issued so early in the morning is not yet clear.  It is, however, unusual.

Source: halturnerradioshow.com

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One thought on “Massive Troop and Armor Movements Begin in Belarus – New Combat Designation: “K””
  1. The movement to block weapons shipments is possible. Starving the army of Ukraine of munitions would be a slow process of many months to attain significant diminution of their capability. The US has practically dumped enough weaponry to supply a force of millions with artillery and air defense. Ukraine undoubtedly makes its own AK-47 type weapon and has a sizeable homegrown military industrial complex in comparison with western Europe. The question is how patient are the Russians. Cutting off further shipments will not achieve the aim of demilitarization of the Ukraine which Russia has proclaimed is an objective of the SMO. Speculation about the continued existence of Ukraine as a wholly sovereign state is not unreasonable.
    ¶God Bless Us All

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