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Michelle Obama Is a Man: Michael LaVaughn Robinson (video)

Deep State Satanic NWO Tranny, Also Known As Michelle Obama:

Can you believe there are people out there who still don’t know who BIG MIKE is? This article is designed to give you a clear understanding of who exactly Michael La Vaughn Robinson is.

Rumour has it he will even possibly replace Sleepy Joe Biden on the presidential ticket once they phase him out to due his obvious mental decline and inability to survive a 4 year presidency. On December 6th and January 6th , President Trump’s Words Shook the World. . .

Watch the video below:

We had Michael’s husband in power for 8 years and the United States is still trying to recover, there is no way we can allow another Freemasonic Luciferian into the White House. If they are willing to lie about something as simple as their gender and sexuality then who knows what else they are willing to deceive the public about…

Here is a collage of the most common pictures demonstrating who Michael is:

Here is a video of Michael’s third arm swinging around in his pants:

Here is another video of Michael’s third arm dancing around in his pants on the Ellen show:

Here is a video of Joan Rivers exposing Barack is gay, within a couple weeks she was dead:


Here is a fake yearbook photo of “Michelle” photoshopped to look like a female:

Here is an image of Barack, Bill Gates, & Michael in their younger days. To the right we can see an identical indentation on Michael’s right arm back then and in recent times:

Here is a photo of Michael’s hair club membership, the image on the card appears to be photoshopped, but the card itself is real:

Here is Barack’s half-brother Malik Obama (a QAnon supporter) asking the question “Is Michelle Michael?”

The reason there are no images of Michael pregnant with the obama daughters is because they are adopted/borrowed from the Nesbit family. Ancestry.com (requires premium account) has no records of either of the children ever being born.

Michael tries to tell the public and media that Malia & Sasha were conceived through IVF. The daughters real mother Dr. Anita Blanchard was supposedly the same doctor that delivered the Obama daughters, see the connections below between the Nesbits and Obamas.

Just look at the similarities between the “Obama” daughters, Martin Nesbit, and Dr. Anita Blanchard. It’s undeniable:

Here is the family of 6 vacationing together in Hawaii. The real parents Martin Nesbit and Dr. Anita Blanchard are following closely behind so they can keep an eye on Satanist Barack Obama:

Here is Barack Obama saying: “When My Mike”:

Here is Barack Obama saying: “Michael & I”:

Source: beforeitsnews.com

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4 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Is a Man: Michael LaVaughn Robinson (video)”
  1. The biggest fraud perpetrated on US Citizens and the US Constitution , Berry Soetoro aka barack hussein obama and Michael LaVaughn Robinson aka Michelle Obama for eight long years they sat ILLEGALLY in the White House and the US Congress knew it from the get go January 2009 ! Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution was ignored all because of the RACE CARD ! Some in the US Congress when presented the evidence of Obamas fraud in 2011 said we ( the US Congress ) know barack hussein obama does not meet US Constitutional qualification to hold offie but we don’t want to start RACE RIOTS questioning his right to be US President .

    1. I know that the Obamas pulled one of the Greatest Scams on American People in this Century when they were in the White House. You can only see that Michael LaVaughn Robinson is without a doubt Michelle Obama. You can see that the Girls aren’t their Kids. A muslim in faith Barack Obama did what it said in the Constitution. Muslims are not allowed in the White House. I believe that they should still be arrested and taken to trial for Treason against the American People . But it says in the Constitution that the President is Immuned from prosecution.

  2. The Obamas are not only scam artists, liars & enemies of the State, they are also responsible for the horrible & massive racial divide in America in modern times. Everything with them was about race/racism. Our County had squashed (not quite killed) the major racist groups that thrived in the 50’s. There were small sects of them left but the main bodies of the racist morons were defeated.
    Now there are constant surges of these modern racist groups driving wedges into our population, keeping race to the forefront of people’s minds.
    My 2 cents worth… all LEGITIMATE citizens in this country, are AMERICANS! Black, white, red, yellow or whatever skin color, whatever ethnicity… needs to wake up and respect ALL of our American brothers and sisters! For all illegals in this country, you need to EARN your right to be here and become an American citizen the LEGAL way! I’m not saying throw all out! But citizenship “camps” should be constructed for refugees to stay. There they can still work & have a better life than what they came from, meanwhile completing the vetting for citizenship requirements!
    Yes that is segregating but it’s ONLY until they have earned their citizenship status here in Our GREAT Country!


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