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Moscow: Russian submarine “broke” the defense of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and is his “shadow” in Crete! – Our relations with Britain and the USA are “dead”!

“Ships from Greece-France-Italy are looking for the submarine”

The Cold War era is back for good. Moscow reveals that after the USA and NATO, the relations with Britain are “dead”.

In addition, they claim that the Russian submarine ” Rostov-on-Don” is located around Crete watching the American aircraft carrier.

“The Russian submarine is located near Crete”

“The Russian submarine” Rostov-on-Don “class Improved Kilo, which the Americans” have “lost, has been found”, Russian military sources report and emphasize:

“The Americans were spreading the word that the Kalibr cruise missile submarine had disappeared from NATO radar, while they said that it was very likely that it had sunk.

At the same time they made comparisons with the case of the Russian submarine Kursk.

However, according to the Russian Fleet Command, the submarine is fine, has not been lost and is on a mission.

According to information, the “lost” submarine is located somewhere near Crete. The submarine “Rostov-on-Don” is doing its usual job, watching the American aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Military expert and captain Vladimir Gundarov reports:

“This is standard operational training of our submarines in the Mediterranean. They are watching the American aircraft carrier. The most important thing for a submarine is to remain invisible and undetected.

Kursk Governor Gennady Lyachin, for example, was watching American aircraft carriers. For a long time he did not come into contact, so much so that it was impossible to locate him. That is why he received the award of “Hero of Russia”.

This is what the Rostov-on-Don submarine does. So next year, on February 23, his governor may receive the “Hero of Russia” award.

Russian media: Ships from Greece-France-Italy are looking for the submarine

“Several ships from various NATO countries are trying to locate the Russian submarine. Ships from Greece, France and Italy take part in the operation.

There were reports that a “signal” was “detected” by the Russian submarine near the island of Greece, Crete. The signal was recorded by a French Navy frigate.

And Italian Navy frigates are trying to locate it. We are talking about the Italian frigate “Luigi Rizzo”. But she also failed.

NATO is looking for what went wrong and the traces of the submarine were lost from the beginning.

“All this shows that the Russian submarine is located near Crete and is watching the American aircraft carrier,” concludes the second Russian media.

“Russia-NATO relations are in the worst phase… ever”

Russia-NATO relations are at their most ominous historical stage, even worse than those of the Soviet Union during the Cold War, as Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko says “they are at their lowest point . 

“Practically the interaction between NATO and Russia is over and we are at the lowest point since the Cold War.”

“The Alliance was not able to adapt to the new security conditions and for reasons of its own survival, it returned to the Cold War narratives of threats from the East,” said the experienced diplomat.

According to him, only systemic contacts between the military administrations of Russia and NATO can improve their relations.

“Zero relations with Britain”

The Russian ambassador to Britain said relations between the two countries were “almost dead” , following a British strategic report that classified Russia as an “acute direct threat”.

This infamous report addresses Britain’s foreign policy orientation after Brexit and cites Russia as a “full range of threats” .

Andrei Kelin criticized Britain’s decision to back up its nuclear arsenal against Russia, reversing decades of policy.

According to the report, Britain’s nuclear warheads will increase to 260 by 2030.

Source: warnews247.gr

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