New info and confirmation.

Insider information. 16 minutes, discussing March 4th thru 6th.

Dual Presidency and much more.


Juan tells it like it is.

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By Morgan

4 thought on “MUST WATCH!! Juan O Savin – The Final Chapter: “Our Military Is Not Going Along With The Fraud”!”
  1. Foreign countries in our election…NOT! This was a Liberal, Governmental Coup! They used China to print millions of ballots that were sent to battle states. All of this was probably done by Hillary! Why was ANTIFA bussed into the Capital on January 6th? Why did the DC Police wave ANTIFA into the Capital Building? Republicans are geared and believe in the rule of law. These people that attacked the Capital, were not Republicans. Odds are this whole thing was done to get the vote off national TV so it could be done early in the morning with again…no one watching!

  2. But what do you do when the President is purging the troops of anyone loyal to President Trump or has a bias to the Republican party? (which I would assume may be significant) what are we going to do then? I know President Trump has 60 days — but that window is closing….FAST….

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