• Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

Must WATCH: Mainstream Media and the Brainwashing of Americans

This was deleted twice from reddit’s front page.

This video has received a collective of nearly 150k upvotes on Reddit in 6 hours, and at least 400,000 views on Youtube in 6 hours.

It Was NOT on Youtube trending.

You know what was?

The no.3 trending video on Youtube received 170k views in 14 hours, “FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: Very Best Drag Looks with Raven and Raja”

I’ll give you one guess why this video wasn’t on trending.

Some have mentioned it was trending, this it true only for non-US users. It was being kept off US trending. If you see it trending, check your region.

If enough people make this viral, they might show it on the local news station during their social media segments.

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