The following statement is from internet forum with topics mostly about U.S. politics and election fraud. It can be just rumor at this point.

Up front disclosure: This time I have ZERO first hand knowledge about the subject matter as it is based solely on nearly identical information from 3 different people internally; that means there is a very high probability that it will turn out to be true but it is just rumor at this point.

The chatter is that as of this morning a very high ranking former official has made a deal regarding election fraud in exchange for some deal and that they are currently a guest of the military in a safe location.

I have no more details other than that and even have no idea who it could possibly be.

That is literally all I have at this time.

I do find it interesting that they are with MIL and not civilian authorities (If actually the case). I am not sure what that means because it would have a lot to do with where the person was in the govt previously.

Very interesting indeed.

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By Morgan

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