• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

PLANO TEXAS – BLM Blocks Traffic….ANGRY Confrontation with MOTORIST…Plano COP Sides With BLM Even when they Pull a GUN!!!

Note how the video is labeled.

So wanting to be FREE to move around you city you are a racist if you don’t sit passively by as thugs block your way.

Never thought I would see a Dallas suburb cave to these kind of tactics. Instead of clearing intersections blocked by these criminals the police did nothing to stop them…NOTHING!

We are on our own people….

Holy CRAP….go to 1:02 of the video…ONE OF THE MOBSTERS actually pulled an pointed a GUN at the white guy!

I didn’t see this when I first watched the video…and again, the cops did NOTHING!

Source: godlikeproductions.com

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