In a clear sign that this is the year 2020, there is a principled debate by some online over whether to share videos and photos purportedly from a laptop that belonged to Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

And to think that there was so much interest in the mythical Trump pee tape that was a highlight of the phony, unverified Russian dossier.

The content on the “laptop from hell” reportedly includes nude photos and at least one decadent sex tape featuring a crack-smoking Hunter — more videos are said to be coming — and despite our Orwellian social media censors doing all they can to squash it, the material is making the rounds.

Outspoken actor James Woods found out firsthand how determined Big Tech is to keep the Hunter Biden smut under wraps, as he tweeted late Saturday that he was locked out of his account for sharing a screengrab of the video.

As Woods explained, he agreed to delete the offending tweet only because he knew their efforts were futile.

The media is in a full-on cover-up of the entire controversy, which includes purported emails suggesting the Democratic nominee was getting a percentage of income his son allegedly acquired by trading on the Biden name — which is more obscene than any of the other content, as Woods noted.

There are troubling rumors of there being child porn on the laptop.

With a blackout on in America, Woods shared a headline from an Australian paper that read: “Biden ‘child porn’ shock.’

The one prevailing thought from rational Americans is that if this laptop allegedly belonged to Donald Trump Jr., there would certainly be no blackout.

In fact, it’s very likely the liberal media would have already called off the upcoming election. We already know that Twitter and Facebook freely allowed the sharing of the phony Russian dossier for better than three years.

Not that this stopped the liberal media from climbing high upon their moral perch to denounce the sharing of the tape — just as they would with a tape featuring a Trump family member. Right?

Here’s a sampling of other responses to the story from Twitter:


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