• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

Putin Ally Waiting for Order to Smash West to ‘Smithereens’

Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechen leader and top ally of Vladimir Putin, said Sunday that he is waiting on an order from the Russian president to blast Western countries to “smithereens.”

Kadyrov made the declaration in a Telegram post that announced the completion of a new Chechen regiment called “North-Akhmat,” which was one of four that the Chechen leader announced was being formed last month to help replenish Russia’s troops during its ongoing war with Ukraine. He wrote that Russia is the only country in the world to “speak out against the infernal abomination that the West spreads,” and that he is grateful that Putin “made such a correct decision and gave us the opportunity to take part in this sacred struggle against Satanism.”

“We are ready to go further on orders, to easily take Kyiv and the NATO countries,” the post read. “Our units, hardened in real battles, will not be able to resist any army in the world. We have experience, arsenal, faith, patriotism, idea and TRUTH! The West does not yet understand how strong WE are!”

Kadyrov added that with one order from Putin, “we are ready to smash the false-democratic, pseudo-liberal and military-barbaric campaign of Western states, which are corrupting the world community in an attempt to subdue the entire globe under them, to smithereens.”

Russian officials have repeatedly threatened Western countries, particularly those in NATO, against direct interference in the war in Ukraine. Putin has even warned of “retaliatory strikes” against countries that “create a strategic threat to Russia,” leading to fears that the conflict could spread beyond Ukraine’s borders. Experts told Newsweek in May that NATO has already crossed the line that Putin has said would justify such an attack.

The Chechen leader has publicly stated Chechnya’s readiness for a large-scale military mobilization against Ukraine and other Western countries for months as the Russia-Ukraine war has raged on.

Kadyrov’s Other Threats

In May, Kadyrov said in a video that after Ukraine, he is ready to attack NATO member Poland, and told the European country that it “better take back” the weapons it provided to Ukraine to aid it in its counteroffensive.

“After Ukraine, if we’re given the command, in six seconds we’ll show you what we’re capable of,” Kadyrov said.

Meanwhile in June, he shared an ominous video showing a mass gathering of his armed forces. The Chechen leader gave a speech before the troops about ensuring “peace” in the world, saying that “Western European states have made all possible attempts to destroy our state.”

Earlier this month, Kadyrov published another lengthy Telegram post that pleaded for permission for his forces to join the war in Ukraine to “get even with our blood enemies.”

Source: Newsweek

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One thought on “Putin Ally Waiting for Order to Smash West to ‘Smithereens’”
  1. When warriors speak and exhort their troops are they not stirrers of the soul? Luckily the Kremlin is in control and the Kremlin is ruled first by the intellect then by the heart. Not the heart first as that marvelous Chechnyan solder and leader is showing us. Strength comes from the heart and must be listened to but it must also be controlled by the intellect. We are homo-Sapiens not just the deadliest fauna on the planet.
    Russia is smoothly and irresistibly meeting its goals in Ukraine. They began by inspecting in a reconnaissance in force, the depleted fuel rods in the Ukrainian power plants. Once that phase of the operation was complete they proceeded to reinforce the main thrust of their desires in Ukraine. The insuring of the peace and security of the planet’s two newest republics and the reestablishment of a land corridor to Crimea and the important naval fortress of Sevastopol. Famed in legend during the Crimean War when the Light Brigade met its stupid and wasteful end made famous by Lord Tennyson. Such is what happens when romantics try to best realists. Such is what’s happening in Ukraine today.
    The Ukrainian Army is being wasted in the Donbass, nearly encircled and definitely in an untenable military position all so that Elensky (The Russians stole his Z so that their fighters could wear it as an emblem) can continue to strike at the innocent civilian targets in the region. The first deflection the evil ones will use is to start talking about the put up jobs the Ukrainian Security Agency promulgates such as the one of the video where a corpse pulls its body bag back over itself when the wind blows it off.
    Go to Al Jazeera, not for the news, which while better than the likes of ABC, NBC and most especially CBS, but for their map of the Donbass showing the positions of the Russian and the Nationalist forces. Slowly, methodically, with as few civilian casualties as war allows, the Ukrainian Nationalists are being eaten by the bear.
    Don’t listen to that bullshit about Russia stopping the flow of grain out of the port of Odessa, the nationalist forces of Elensky have mined that port not the Russians. The grain flows as much as possible out of Russian controlled Mariupol while Elensky and the UkrainianSA and the USA squeal about what thieves the Russians are for allowing civilian vessels to leave after being trapped for months by both USA’s which must share the blame. Ours and theirs.
    NATO’s entire thrust into Ukraine against the advice of all the intelligent geo-political students who matter, Dr. Henry Kissinger, and my own not-so-humble self is in fact “A Bridge Too Far”. If we send troops in large numbers it will become a “Charge of the Light Brigade”. Ukraine was in a perfect position to prosper greatly as a neutral meeting place between Western/Central Europe and Eastern for huge amounts of goods and commodities flowing back and forth. They would have been in a sweet position. Instead, all they have to look forward too is the sight of their government continually having its hand out begging, “Weapons and alms for the poor, Weapons and alms for the poor.” F… em.
    God Bless Us All

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