Business owners across the country are boarding up and preparing for a possible disruption on election night.

According to an independent report, Oregon, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia are at risk for civilian militia activity after Election Day, per CBS News.

On Monday, a new steel fence went up around the White House in anticipation,

Law enforcement in New York City plans to clear out trash cans in some areas and recommend restaurants remove outdoor furniture that can be used as a weapon, CBS reports.

Terence A. Monahan, New York Police Chief, said in a video posted to Twitter that “In the days following the election, we will have additional officers ready to respond to any type of incident,”

Vandals spray-painted the windows of the Democratic Party headquarters in Houston with the words “Elections no… revolution yes.”

Federal officials are watching Tuesday night’s outcome and developments from a command center at the FBI headquarters.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown said, “Violence is never the answer. We can all do our part this week by staying calm, cool and collected.”

The National Guard has been deployed to various states across the nation, including Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Alabama, Texas, and Pennsylvania, according to Newsweek.

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