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Research on How Weed Affects Memory


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Memories may weaken because of diverse reasons, including age, medical conditions, and so much more.

But how can you ask a person with memory loss about their early encounter with weed? It is a great challenge to researchers.

How Does Weed Affect Memory?

Memory can be categorized into two:

  • Short-Term Memory– category that contains information for a short period before being lost or delivered to the long-term memory
  •  Long-Term Memory– where information is stored indefinitely and can even be retrieved.

Cannabis has been linked to memory loss for quite some time. Let us see what researchers have found over the past years about how the mind gets affected by Mary Jane.

After consuming kush, you get into a state of inebriation. In this state, the short-term memory is likely to be manipulated and interfered with.

Cannabinoids interfere with the electrochemical signals sent by neurons which are stimulated by receptors(in charge of memory in the brain).

There are two chemical compounds in cannabis. 

THC(tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD(cannabidiol). Both have been proven to advantages and disadvantages in terms of memory.

For instance, THC practically brings together those receptors, and a person feels elated. While CBD interrupts the process of receptor binding, lessening the euphoric feeling.

In another case, THC raises the chances of having psychosis while CBD may be a treatment for psychosis.

Teenagers tend to have a sharp memory of remembering information. When they consume weed that is high in THC and has a low content of CBD, its effect is dangerous on their short-term memory. Luckily, this is a temporary situation.

Research shows that using marijuana for longer periods daily may cause lasting short-term memory loss and that the brain might not be able to process memories when high.

In long-term memory, learning is majorly affected. Regular cannabis users have a thin cortex that plays a key role in attention, perception, and memory. They do not have the motivation to learn and hence perform poorly in school.

For the people 50 years and above, cannabis has an average effect on memory. Little research has been carried out in this area though.

When comparing alcohol to weed, weed is the main cause of wrecking adolescents’ evolving brains.  

In conclusion, researchers have lots of exploration left to do when it comes to cannabis and memory.

Source: newculturemedia.com

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