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The Russian people are enraged beyond words over the sinking of their Black Sea flagship, the Guided Missile Cruiser “Moskva” and they are already publicly saying on TV that they are in World War 3 with the United States. 

Barrages of Russian missiles were launched late last night against at least 8 different “fronts” inside Ukraine, hitting targets in Kiev, Kharkov, Nikolaev, and elsewhere, causing thunderous explosions.

The video below shows the sky over Kharkov at about 9:45 pm eastern US time:

On Russian television, the mood was ferocious anger, and the remarks being made were specific: Russia is already in World War 3, Russia is at war with the United States/NATO, and more.   Here’s a small sample:

One source familiar with the unfolding events, told me the following:   

The cruiser sank.
There were many victims on board. There was a monstrous explosion of ammunition and airborne missiles.
I think there may be several hundred dead, if not almost the entire crew.
So there will be a backlash.

That same source then SPECULATED what he believes the Russian response will be:

The RF Armed Forces will hit Bankovaya, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, the GUR building and other facilities in Kyiv.
In addition, a strike on the Baltic states or arms convoys in Poland or the Czech Republic is possible.
There will be strikes by the RF Armed Forces on bridges along the western border of Ukraine, on bridges in Kyiv, on bridges across the Dnieper.
There will be strikes on railway bridges in Western Ukraine and on transport hubs and interchanges, on junction stations, and so on.
There will be strikes on the barracks and control centers. Blows are prepared from all trunks. They will strike from the Caspian, from the Black Sea, from the Crimea, even from the Baltic and from Kaliningrad. There will be shelling by Belarusian artillery and Belarusian rockets.
The strike will be three waves, massive volleys, there will be up to a thousand missiles at the same time.
Heavy artillery, RSZO. In the Kiev region, Kiev, Kharkov, Nikolaev.

He wrapped-up his speculation by telling me:


This story is still developing, check back for updates.


Russian Defense: We will increase the number and size of missile attacks on Kiev.

Russian Defense: More than 30 Polish mercenaries were killed in Kharkov.

Among the prisoners in Ukraine there are military personnel of NATO countries, said Senator Klimov of the Russian Federation Council 

“We already have prisoners among the military personnel of NATO countries, we will show all this when we conduct trials, and the whole world will see what really happened,” he said

***** BULLETIN *****


The United States has received an official Diplomatic demarche (note) from Moscow which says, in sum and in substance “Russia demands the United States stop arming Ukraine”  and then threatens “unpredictable consequences” if such arming of Ukraine continues.

This is stated in an official diplomatic note from Moscow.

Source: halturnerradioshow.com

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  1. *****The sinking of the Moskva is officially an electrical fire. This has been stated on RF and Tass. Until either of these sources change the tune its the one I believe. Obviously just like our own populace when we are attacked the Russian people are getting upset about the sinking of the Moskva and look for someone instead of something to blame. Will this become a cause celeb ushering in a new more forceful Russian campaign? Make no mistake, the Russians have been wearing kid gloves so far.
    *****The blockade of the western borders of Ukraine is a necessary thing if the Russian military operation is to have the success it deserves over the Ukrainian nationalists. My pity is reserved for the Ukrainian people huddling in their basements and the Russian troops suffering casualties in the name of Russian security. My anger is directed not at Ukraine but at Washington DC and my own government. We caused the Ukrainian crisis with our push against the Russian border by overthrowing the duly elected Ukrainian government in 2014 and installing a belligerent puppet state that then began shelling its former citizens in the Donbass while Russia looked on and prepared for eight years.
    *****We deserve what is happening to our crumbling alliances and the nadir of our influence. Our government is the Evil Empire. It became the same as the Soviet Union which fell in 1991 and it must also fall so that the Republic can be reestablished. The future is darkness for the west and light for the East because of our own attitudes and actions. The corruption and atheism now prevalent in Washington renders it incapable of leading itself to a toilet seat much leading the ‘free world’. There is no freedom in this land just slavery to a pyramid of labyrinthine laws and edicts built like some ziggurat which seeks to reach the heavens and challenge our Lord God. Like Babel the government is doomed before the revenge that Yahweh will inevitably take.
    God Bless Us All

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